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OEM Cane Creek Aheadset - Upgrade or Keep?(1 post)

OEM Cane Creek Aheadset - Upgrade or Keep?Fez
Dec 15, 2002 10:45 AM
Purchasing a brand new road bike for the wife. Its an Ultegra build and comes with very good parts all around except the headset. Its a Cane Creek Aheadset SAS. The shop will not allow any upgrades - it is an as-is deal.

Is it worth upgrading at my expense? The shop says a headset upgrade will hardly save any weight (maybe 40 grams at most) and won't make the bike ride any different. The shop said the main difference is that the higher level headsets just look better and last longer via better bearings and seals. They suggested riding the cheap headset til it wears and then replacing it with something decent.

Does it sound like good advice?

Here is a link to the OEM headset.