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Chris king /Hugi wheelset dilemma(12 posts)

Chris king /Hugi wheelset dilemmaroad
Dec 15, 2002 5:52 AM
I'm considering to build new training wheels, I check the review regarding about hugi and Chris king. People complain about the buzzzzzzzzzzzzz came from CK. Does the buzzzzzzzz really affect riding performance. What about maintenance. I’m very impress with the quality of Chris King "headset". I have also a Bontrager race lite wheels, I used these wheels for training. I notice hub are made by DT, same as Hugi. This one came with my Ti Lemond Victorie. Excellent Wheel but a little bit heavier than my Velomax Orion. I put over 5000 miles on it....really no complain, no maintenance at all. I want to try something different....
waste of money....C-40
Dec 15, 2002 6:29 AM
Why use either of these high buck hubs for a set of training wheels? Wasted money IMO. I assume you're ridng Shimano, but either way, DuraAce or Record hubs are a lot cheaper and will deliver a long life.
waste of money....road
Dec 15, 2002 9:21 AM

re: Chris king /Hugi wheelset dilemmaweiwentg
Dec 15, 2002 9:31 AM
well, the buzz doesn't affect performance (unless you find it irritating). your Race Lites would actually make perfectly OK training and racing wheels. if you have the money, it's your money, but it would probably be a bit of a waste.
re: Chris king /Hugi wheelset dilemmawww-mtnpedaler-com
Dec 15, 2002 10:25 AM
The buzzzzzzzzzzzz does not affect performance. But King hubs have a lot of drag because of tight tolerances of the seals. As far as maintenance it's almost nil. I've popped open 4 year old King hubs, cleaned and relubed them and sent them on their way. If you want a set of training wheels maybe try Shimano Ultegra hubs with some Mavic Open Pros or something similar. I have a set of King/Mav Open Pro/DT Comps slightly used (about 200 miles) that I'd let go for $400. It was a set I built for myself and found out I don't like Kings on my road bike. One problem is the hubs and nipples are gold and the spokes and rims are black. I call them my pimp wheels.
re: Chris king /Hugi wheelset dilemmaJofa
Dec 15, 2002 4:26 PM
The noisy ratchet will not affect their function but it is a symptom of poor design. A ratchet is a mechanism as old as time, but some manufacturers seem to feel the need to show off about having discovered it. Hubs are not something for which the concept of 'performance' is applicable: they can do nothing for you but 'not fail'. Some are lighter than others, but the best balance of durability and economy is currently achieved by Shimano, in my judgment. Campagnolo are adequate if you need them.

You're confusedCrankist
Dec 18, 2002 6:18 AM
There's no ratchet in a King hub. Engagement is via an internal ring gear. They are well designed and easy to maintain. The King warantee would bear this out, if thousands of testimonies to their high quality and long life was not enough.
No I'm notJofa
Dec 21, 2002 2:31 PM
The King hub might not use a toothed wheel and pawl arrangement but the function is the same, a ratcheting one, which allows rotation in one direction only. This problem has been met by engineers since the beginning of engineering and has been answered well. Reinventing it is expensive and helps nobody: Shimano hubs are sold by the millions, are cheap, highly reliable, and can be serviced by any bike shop in the world. For itchy-fingered designers who hope to revolutionize bike design, there are other components which are not so refined.

Dec 23, 2002 1:45 PM
We disagree; I think refinement is a natural progression in engineering/design. CK's engagement is a small improvement. I do agree that DA hubs are probably the best value that there is. And Merry Christmas.
re: Chris king /Hugi wheelset dilemmalaffeaux
Dec 16, 2002 2:11 PM
I currently have a set of Kings on my 'cross bike and Hugi 240s on my mountain bike. Both work great. The noise the King's make is annoying in my opinion - it make it impossible to diagnose any creaking noise on your bike, you'll never know if your bike only creaks when you pedal, because if you stop pedaling you can't hear anythimg but the hubs. Both the Kings and Hugis engage quicker than Shimano; however, I'm not sure this is a big deal unless you ride trials. Hugis are the lightest of the bunch.

I've also ridden Shimano hubs, and never had a problem with them. Either of the hubs you are interessted in (and many others) work great.
re: Chris king /Hugi wheelset dilemmaJFST
Dec 16, 2002 7:24 PM
I ride kings on my mountain bike. They really won't make much of a difference on a road wheelset but if you want a hub that will far outlast your bike/bikes the king is the way to go.
Dec 18, 2002 9:04 PM
More or less just as a treat--the rationalization was that I wanted ceramic rims--I had a set of King Classic hub wheels built for my mountain bike. I love the obvious quality, I like the buzz just cause it's different, but the one almost surprising benefit is from the quick takeup of the freewheel. It makes it easier to start on hills and seems to give me a little more control. I don't see where this would be the slightest use on a road bike, though.