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ackey-breaky balls(4 posts)

ackey-breaky ballsweldingfellow
Dec 14, 2002 3:24 PM
i've been riding s.i. turbomatics for years now, but it's time to change, koobi? fizik? cut-outs? any suggestions on saddles please..
My vote is for Koobi. Excellent saddle.....gogene
Dec 14, 2002 6:08 PM
....with exchange policy and customer service. I have two.
re: ackey-breaky ballsDINOSAUR
Dec 15, 2002 1:10 PM
I bet saddles are the one of the most often discussed topics on this forum. First off-what is wrong with the tubomatic, ackey breaky balls? If that is the reason for change, your options are endless. Most guys get along well with any of the Selle Italia Flite, namely the Selle Italia plain old Flite with ti rails. I have the Flite Gel on one of my bikes and I don't think the gel really does anything. I like adding new toys to my bikes now and then and just ordered a Selle San Marco Regal Ti, an old retro saddle. Some guys love the San Marco Rolls other guys swear by the Brooks Swift or Team Pro. Don't know about the Koobie. Different saddles for different shapes. Try thinking what you don't like about the Tubomatic (too narrow, too wide, not long enough, too hard, etc) and narrow down your choices from there.......I've mulled over a Brooks Swift for a long time, I have a Team Pro but I'm kinda of a silly weight weenie type of guy and can't see slapping a saddle on a frame that weighs about a pound more than the saddle, but if I had big time problem with my rear, I'd do it...a good idea I got from this forum is to check ebay for lightly used saddles and try one first to see if it works, that way you don't end up throwing money away on something that doesn't work and if you like it you can buy a brand stinkin new one (or a couple)...
If it's actually yourshirt
Dec 19, 2002 1:57 PM
balls, try a saddle with a flat profile (viewed from the side.) When I've tried saddles that have a slight dip in the middle, ostensibly to decrease pressure on the perineum, it lets my hips rotate forward, giving me the achy-breakies.

Serfas makes a really nice, light saddle (around 220g) that I've been enjoying for a few months. I think it's the 'Terazzo' model.