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Record Pro Fit vs Pro Fit Plus(2 posts)

Record Pro Fit vs Pro Fit Pluscipolini2b
Dec 14, 2002 9:39 AM
What is the difference between these two pedals? I know the regular pro fit is older, but i got a pair for a great price ($65) on ebay. They are super light, and look similar to the newer, plus, models. What is the difference? Please tell me they take the same cleats...? Also, what does the +/- adjustment do? float?


re: Record Pro Fit vs Pro Fit PlusDMoore
Dec 14, 2002 6:16 PM
The Pro fit plus pedal has a slightly wider platform that the older Pro fit model. Also, the plus has a polished finished versus a painted finish on the older one. The cleats are the same for both pedals. You have the option of a floating cleat or a fixed cleat. The +/- does not adjust float, it adjusts the release force of the pedal just like the adjustment on a ski binding.

I have 3 sets of the older pro fit pedals, and am quite happy with them. I'd take the older ones for $65 in a heartbeat.