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Campagnolo seatpost collar question...(4 posts)

Campagnolo seatpost collar question...seyboro
Dec 13, 2002 3:39 PM
With the purchase of my new Stella Azzurra post, I installed a Campy seatpost collar for carbon posts. The specs call for 10NM on the bolt. Tightening with a torque wrench, I found that getting to 10 NM was quite nerve-racking, as the bolt turned very easily compared to previous collars used. Anybody with similar experiences?
Dec 14, 2002 1:15 PM
Are you just saying that 10NM is not sufficient to hold the seatpost, or that 10NM just seems like a light torque?

10NM is 10NM no matter what's being tightened.

10NM is about 7.25 ft-lbs or 87 inch-pounds. It's not a lot of torque. If it holds the seatpost in place, why worry about it? If it doesn't then obviously more torque will be required.

I've never torqued a clamp bolt in my life. If the bolt is a 6mm, you can use a 4-5-6 Y style hex wrench and tighten it about as much as you want without fear of breaking the bolt, it that's what you're worried about. A 5mm is another story. Much easier to break, though I never have.
Dec 15, 2002 1:44 PM obviously needed. Apologies!
I am worried about breaking the seatpost itself. Tightening the bolt is ever so easy with this new collar. Previous ones (C'dale, GT, Bianchi, Schwinn & Litespeed) reach what I like to call the 'German Torque-spec': Gut'n'tight. You can FEEL that the bolt is tight enough, because you have done it a million times.
Tightening the campy piece feels the same from loose to tight enough to hold the post. I thought that was odd enough to justify a mention in the forum.
may not have proper torque...C-40
Dec 15, 2002 3:05 PM
A properly torqued bolt should be lubed to insure that most of the torque is applying clamping force, not overcoming friction. If the bolt head is recessed, there may be a little interference somewhere that's causing an inaccurate reading. For instance, if you know the bolt is backed off a couple of turns and it take 5NM just to turn the bolt, a 10NM final torque is actually only 5NM. The post is likely to slip.