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Installing 8 speed Ultegra STI levers(4 posts)

Installing 8 speed Ultegra STI leversnovice biker
Dec 12, 2002 5:47 PM
This is the first time i tried to install STI levers, more used to downtube shifters. i got the left lever working properly for the front derailleur. Can't get the right lever to take in any cable and shift to a lower gear.. Am I just an idiot or is there something wrong with these 2nd hand levers i bought from the bikepeddlar on eBAY? I the shifters just don't seem to grab onto the cable or something and pull the rear derailleur into a lower gear..

anway, suggestions are most welcome!
re: Installing 8 speed Ultegra STI leversbsdc
Dec 13, 2002 5:21 AM
I have no way to know for sure if you set it up correctly. I assume you did. I had problems with my old 8 speed Ultegra STI's. I bought some used shifters. They worked for a while, but quickly crapped out. My problem was with the left shifter. It may be a longevity problem of the product.
re: Installing 8 speed Ultegra STI leversRusty Coggs
Dec 13, 2002 5:28 AM
Check that the cable end is properly seated in the retainer in the shifter.Set shifter to small cog position before pulling slack out of cable and attaching to derailer.
Try thisbreck
Dec 13, 2002 7:42 AM
I have DuraAce but Ultegra should be no diff.

I run the rear 8-speed with DA-STI & the front with DA down tube & after about 2,000 hours they both work fine. If the shifter doesn't take up any slack it will not tension the rear dX. So you got a problem.

It looks like the front shifter takes up slack. If the rear installation, at the lever, you installed the same, then the rear shifter appears to be faulty.

Change your left front STI shifter to the right rear. In other words, take off the working shifter and switch it. If it works on the rear, that is if it will take up cable, then your rear shifter may be faulty. Or is faulty, etc.

Other trouble shoot:
Take a piece of cable length w/ wire & put int into the rear dX & pull it to make sure the rear dX will tension.

Before installing the calble/ wire along the frame & attaching to the rear dX, first put it into the shifter & pull to see if the shifter will pull the cable.

See Rusty Cogg's post, If in fact the shifter will take up cable.

LBNL, last but not least, see your LBS, local bike shop. E-bay can sometimes be a crap shoot!.
Try taking the shifter to a bike shop. It may cost you money but you may learn something. If its at fault have the mechanic show you why.

Stick with it, your learnin' :)
Good luck.