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pump pegs(11 posts)

pump pegsRubiks_Manuever
Dec 8, 2002 12:17 PM
do i need 'pump pegs' to mount a frame pump under the top tube of my bike, or will the properly sized one just sit there with the spring-loaded tension against the head tube and the down tube? What the heck are pump pegs anyway and where are they situated?
re: depends...Akirasho
Dec 8, 2002 12:58 PM
... on the type of pump and where/how you mount it...

I think you meant to mount the pump 'tween headtube and seat tube... and in particular the Zefal HpX series (if you've got the right size) might work... or you might need a pump strap (usually a hook and loop (Velcro) closure) to insure retention... at any rate, even if you need one, companies (again Zefal comes to mind) make "artificial" pump pegs that'll fit most frame tubing.

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re: pump pegsJofa
Dec 8, 2002 3:03 PM
Pump pegs date from when pumps were metal affairs that had domed ends, which wouldn't locate against your frame tubes. They are still useful sometimes in that they allow you to mount a pump against an obtuse angle (ie, the back of the headtube, so the pump aligns with the top tube)or narrow tubes (pegs are sometimes seen on the left chainstay near the rear dropout, allowing the pump to align with the seatstay).

The angles at either end of the seattube are acute, and will locate a modern pump like the Zefal HPX perfectly well, but this position can foul waterbottles. If you prefer the toptube you should use a plastic replacement like those somebody else mentioned.

Part of frame or clamp on?Kerry
Dec 8, 2002 4:08 PM
Most common location for a pump peg today is on the head tube, near the top tube. It allows a "frame fit" pump to mount under the top tube. A frame fit pump will have some sort of dent in the handle end to catch the pump peg and a foot on the chuck to catch the angle between the seat and top tubes. Without a head tube pump peg, the pump head will slide down to the head tube/down tube junction. Early frame fit pumps were made to go along the seat tube, back when bikes only had one bottle cage on the down tube. With the addition of the seat tube bottle cage, the head tube pump peg came along. Long, long ago, you could buy a pump peg or "umbrella clip" to hold the pump along the seat tube, and touring bikes would have brazed on pump pegs (pumps were too short to be held by the frame). Absent a head tube pump peg, you can wrap a small zip tie around the head tube and use the "bump" as your head tube pump peg.
re: pump pegsringroadwarrior
Dec 8, 2002 4:37 PM
Get a Specialized PVO it mounts to your bottle cages on the seat tube.
Frame sizejtolleson
Dec 8, 2002 7:48 PM
As a shorter rider (frames 52-54 depending on manufacturer) I've never had a frame with a true "pump peg" because the head of a spring loaded pump (like the Zefal HPX) just wedges nicely against the head tube and I suppose is held in place some by the down tube's proximity.

I've seen lots of folks without pump pegs ride with the Zefal (or its Blackburn equivalent) without issues, but to double check security, a velcro strap works.
Zip lock ties....DINOSAUR
Dec 8, 2002 10:40 PM
You can rig a zip lock tie and mount it to your head tube and use it as a pump peg. I used this for a full sized Blackburn frame pump and this is what Blackburn recommended. But you will have to use a couple of velcro straps to cinch down the pump (located at hardware stores in the electrical dept) or the pump will rattle, especially if you have an al bike. It's also difficult to get the zip lock off without marring your frame. But that method worked fine for me until I got lazy and went the co2 route.....
re: pump pegsChen2
Dec 9, 2002 6:36 AM
I switched to CO2 when I got my OCLV bike. That was 5 years ago and I'm still happy with CO2, I don't miss that pump at all.
re: pump pegsEric_H
Dec 9, 2002 10:58 AM
I use a Blackburn frame pump on a frame with no head tube pump peg. I just place it with the handle end at the junction of the head tube/down tube, and the pumphead end at the junction of the top tube/seat tube. I have never had a problem, although it does rattle.
Use the blackburn if you don't have a pegInhighgear
Dec 9, 2002 5:51 PM
I have the Zefal HPX with a pump peg. The Blackburn, I believe, has the nice smooth curved rubberized end for non-peg frames. Use it and a pump block and it will work fine.

Although I don't need one to hold the pump on, I use a pumpblock just to stop the Zefal from rattling. It works like a charm.
Many thanks to you all--great info!! nmRubiks_Manuever
Dec 9, 2002 11:17 PM