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Best deal for pedal/shoe combo(5 posts)

Best deal for pedal/shoe combohobbes
Dec 7, 2002 11:01 AM
I just purchased my first serious road bike this past summer and am now just using mountain shoes and pedals. But it is now time to upgrade! I don't want to spend too much (preferably less than $250 US), but I still need good performance. At my local shop there is a couple of pairs of Sidi shoes (one of them is the Sidi Ti) on sale for around $100 and the second-from-the-bottom Look pedals for $100. Is this a good deal or does anyone have any other suggestions for a good pedal and shoe combo? Thanks, ride on.

Dec 7, 2002 1:57 PM
just sent me an email with great deal on sidis alone or even better coupled with look pedals.
re: Best deal for pedal/shoe combotheeatkins
Dec 8, 2002 6:11 AM
I bought a pair of Sidi Genius 3 shoes from TotalCycling for $70 and Speedplay X2 for $115 on eBay. I am very
happy with both.
bitz4bikes on E-Bay, super prices and good service. nmSpunout
Dec 9, 2002 9:11 AM sale on Sidis and 396s: Awesome. nmSpunout
Dec 9, 2002 9:13 AM