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cxp 33 or open pro...cant decide(7 posts)

cxp 33 or open pro...cant decideishmael
Dec 7, 2002 9:19 AM
new single speed on the way..price is an issue and the 33's are around 50bucks more...I'm 150 and ride about 300 a week..getting either in 32..I'm sure they are both good but is the money worth it..
OPs, or maybe aeroheads, or maybe Sun Venusweiwentg
Dec 7, 2002 1:03 PM
at 150, you probably don't NEED the extra strength of a CXP33. if you do want a deeper section, you might consider Sun Venus. you may also wish to consider the Velocity Aerohead, which is a few grams lighter than the OP, and has an aero section (but no eyelets, which probably means no alloy nipples).
alloys with Aeroheads are fine.jw25
Dec 9, 2002 7:45 AM
I'd agree, at 150, you don't need the 33's, and any difference in aerodynamics will be very slight.
I'd opt for the Aeroheads - they're light, strong, and I've been running a set of Aeroheats built with alloy nipples on my MTB for a year, with no problems. Just be sure to grease the nipple seats well.
Check the reviews, too. I think the Venus had some cracking problems early on, which may have been resolved. The Sun Assault might be good, too.
OPs, or maybe aeroheads, or maybe Sun Venustmac13
Dec 9, 2002 11:10 AM
I run Velocity Fusions (no eyelets, 25mm) with alloy nipples, no problems. I think Velocity makes a great rim. My experience with Mavic is that they are overrated.
re: cxp 33 or open pro...cant decideWHIZZard
Dec 7, 2002 4:37 PM
I would probably go with the open pro. I have a pair and they're pretty rugged (had 14K miles on the pair before these). I also have a pair of the Sun Venus. The Sun rims are nice, but they have single eyelets, and mounting tires on 'em is a friggin nightmare. Someone is bound to mention the "open pro click" but I haven't experienced it with either set I've owned. Excel has the blue 32H open pros on sale for $38.88 right now, if it matches your bike it's a heck of a good deal.
It's choice that is the perpetual problemJofa
Dec 8, 2002 3:08 PM
Any of those rims mentioned can be made into as durable a wheel as any of the others. Pick the ones you like the look of best, or the cheapest, and divert your attention into having them built well.

re: cxp 33 or open pro...cant decideDINOSAUR
Dec 10, 2002 7:34 AM
I weigh 200 and use OP's 32 front and rear with no problems. In a perfect world I'd run CPX33's rear and a OP 32 front. But it all depends on who builds your wheels. The owner of my LBS is a big guy (a lot heavier than me) and he uses OP 32's. I would think at your weight and for a single speed OP's would be fine.....