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are bladed spokes worth it?(2 posts)

are bladed spokes worth it?jimsawino
Dec 6, 2002 9:32 AM
.i am planning on purchasing the american classic 350 or 420 wheelset some time this winter. it comes with various spoke options, and i was wondering if bladed spokes are aero enough to compensate for their added weight (about 79 grams per set). the standard spokes used are DT revolution with competition on the rear drive side. if it helps, i'm 5-9 and 138#, so i'm not rough on components. the 350 has a rim depth of 19mm, and the 420 34mm - if that helps. thanks.
Get Sapim CX-Raysroleur21
Dec 6, 2002 12:35 PM
The Sapims are pricey, but are sort of bladed/ovalized, and begin life as a 14/16 db spoke. Zipp has switched all of their wheelsets over to them this year, and Dave Thomas uses them almost exclusively on his Speedream wheels. From what I've read, most all the big pro teams are using them as well including Postal who rebuilds their Bontrager and Mavic stuff with the CX-Ray.

Be prepared to spend, they are like $1-2 per spoke.