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Would I have stripped that spoke nipple if I had used...(7 posts)

Would I have stripped that spoke nipple if I had used...PdxMark
Dec 5, 2002 12:20 PM
a black Park spoke wrench rather than the green one?

I was/am retensioning an OP wheel with DT spokes... I confess, I was lazy and thought the 0.130" green spoke wrench I had ought to work, ignoring the Park Tool website suggestion that I use a 0.127" black wrench.

So, was it likely just operator error so that I would have stripped it either way, or would the smaller black wrench have saved me from myself?

I just got a black wrench to finish the job.
Did the spoke wrench fit?Kerry
Dec 5, 2002 4:52 PM
You should have been able to tell if the wrench was right the minute you put it on the spoke nipple. If it was loose and wobbly, then it was your fault, full stop. If the wrench was a snug fit and you used it properly, then either the spoke was too tight or the nipple was weak. Good fit + proper use + weak nipple = not your fault. All other possibilities = your fault.
Wrench fitCalvin
Dec 6, 2002 5:08 AM
For externally fitting wrenches, always use the smallest one that fits. For internally fitting wrenches (hex wrenches, torx) use the largest one that fits.

The black handled SW-0 is a about 0.08mm smaller than the green SW-1. That does not seem like much on paper, but in use it is critical. Using a larger size places the load and stress only at the two corners. Spoke nipples are either brass or aluminum, and neither can take that much stress to begin with. It is also a good idea to lubricate the nipple before truing, especially between the nipple and rim.

See for truing-
Rounded nipples happen.Spoke Wrench
Dec 6, 2002 8:29 AM
While you did yourself no favors by using the wrong size spoke wrench, the unfortunate fact is that replacing rounded nipples is a common part of doing wheel work.

Here's a trick you might find useful if you are trying to increase the tension on a rear wheel: 1. Loosen all of the non drive spokes 1/2 turn. 2. Increase the tension on all of the drive side spokes 1/2 turn. 3. Now tighten all of the non-drive spokes 1 full turn.
As my first major wheel work, it's been fun...PdxMark
Dec 6, 2002 8:56 AM
I was lazy and cheap not to have gotten the right spoke wrench, even though I KNOW that the right tool makes all the difference...

I had a chance to check the new, smaller wrench, and it fits, so maybe it'll be harder for me to strip/round the next nipple. The larger green wrench seemed to fit pretty snug, so I was fooled by that... or just a fool.

By avoiding time limits, like using a back-up wheel until I finish this project, it's nice and relaxing to do this wheel work. Back when I was fly fishing I'd imagine being in retirement tying flies... now I picture my future self as an old coot truing my wheels for entertainment

Thanks all for your thoughts
Old coot?Spoke Wrench
Dec 6, 2002 11:31 AM
I resemble that!
Old coot? Me too. (nm)Chen2
Dec 6, 2002 1:37 PM