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Specialized Tri Spoke wheelset. Quality?(5 posts)

Specialized Tri Spoke wheelset. Quality?Trek Racer X
Dec 3, 2002 2:45 PM
I found a new wheelset for sale: Specialized Tri Spoke. 700c clincher. Are these quality wheels? How do they rank up to Zipp 404, Hed 3, Spinergy Rev X, Corima's, Lew, and other Aero deep rim wheels?
Does anyone have any experience with these wheels? How much do they weigh? (These will primarily be for racing.)
(Oh yeah, it's selling for $600.00.) I am between getting a these wheels, or Mavic Kysrium SSC SL's.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
Now sold by HEDKerry
Dec 3, 2002 4:39 PM
These are very strong, very durable, very aero, and quite heavy (1975 gm, probably w/o skewers). No one is going to use these on an uphill TT, but they are among the fastest on the flats - strictly a TT wheel. In a road race, you're sheltered in the pack most of the time so the aero benefit is lost. Not a good choice for crits due to the weight. As with any "very aero" wheel, they are more susceptible to crosswinds.
Better than Hedroleur21
Dec 3, 2002 6:03 PM
The wheels shown are some of the last of the Specialized versions of this wheel. Using the 8 harness satin carbon weave which head continues to use, but with slighly nicer hubs than Hed3's have currently. I would negotiate downward on price as I think Hed3's sell for about a $1000 a pair, and Specialized gave up the right to sell these wheels at least 6 years ago now.

I have a pair basically identical...bought when hed took over distribution rights and they weigh 2280 grams for the pair as tubulars with Shimano cassette. I am now convinced that they are now faster than my 404's in nearly all conditions but maybe in TT's, however I use a disc and 404 front in TT's as that combo seems just as aero and weighs nearly 1 kilogram less!!!

These wheels will be slightly heavier than Ksyriums, but MUCH more aero, as all the data shows Ksyriums being less aero than traditional wheels, and weigh 1650-1750 grams depending on your pair.

re: Specialized Tri Spoke wheelset. Quality?pmf1
Dec 4, 2002 11:35 AM
These are nice wheels. As Kerry said, very aero and very heavy. Good for flat surfaces. Perfect for time trials. Like all deep dish aero wheels, a cross wind will really get your attention. I tried a pair several years ago. My only complaint was that the ride was kind of rough.

Personally, I've been pretty happy with Ksyriums. Really tough wheels. You might be further ahead to buy 2 sets of Open Pro, DA hub wheels if you're going to do a lot of racing.
re: Specialized Tri Spoke wheelset. Quality?brider
Dec 4, 2002 1:03 PM
Well, they ARE HED3s, in an earlier incarnation. I have a set of even earlier ones than these, and am totally happy with them for TTs/triathlons. I've used the rear for some road races. Virtually bulletproof. Echo the cross-wind comment, which is also true for any deep rimmed wheel (though these are more affected than most deep rimmed wheel). Not as much of an issue when not on aero-bars.

If you're looking at these for all-around race wheels, I think you could do better, but I don't think the K's are necessarily the way to go.