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Has anyone tried any of hed's aero wheels?(4 posts)

Has anyone tried any of hed's aero wheels?skippy pinfish
Dec 3, 2002 9:01 AM
I' looking for an aero wheel set, 58mm, (doing tri's next year). Hed has an aero set called the "jet 60"(mm)for $660.00. It's an aluminum rim with a carbon fairing bonded to it. Zipps are too expensive, as well as mavics cosmic carbone. This is in my price range, however, I would like some imput on their product from someone who has used them before. If not, whoever has knowledge or opinions of aero wheels could please advise, I would appreciate the help.
re: Has anyone tried any of hed's aero wheels?str8dum1
Dec 3, 2002 12:07 PM
I have the Hed Jet 60. I used to use it for TTs before i got a trispoke. Now i break it out for som group rides or when i get a flat an am too lazy to change the tube. I have mine built 1x with bladed spokes on an Ult hub. Its never had to be trued. They are basically the exact same thing as the Mavic Carbones. Good wheelset. Avg weight. Good deal. Always on Ebay for cheap. Go for it
If you are going to do tris, the setup i used to use was a Jet Deep in the rear and the Jet in the front. Fast!
re: Has anyone tried any of hed's aero wheels?roleur21
Dec 3, 2002 6:07 PM
DO NOT get TI spokes with your jet. The aluminum rim is fairly flimsy and the Ti spokes seem to fatigue quickly and cause all sorts of problems. I think that the hubs are really cheap as well, which may add to the problem, but since the spokes on the front and rear non-drive are threaded at both ends and the rear drive is a j-bend spoke, finding replacements in the field, or on the road is unlikely.

Also, don't ride them in the rain as they fill up with water pretty quickly.
re: Has anyone tried any of hed's aero wheels?theeatkins
Dec 4, 2002 9:43 AM
I have Hed 3 wheels on my Aegis Trident. Ave weight but extremely aero. Very fast and no thoughts of truing.
I have run them for the last 2 years without any problems. Might be more than you want to spend.