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LEW ComponentsCheezhead
Nov 29, 2002 5:59 PM
Anyone have any experience/comments on LEW components (cranks, wheels...)?? I couldn't find out much about them online. I thought their website was, but that doesn't seem to be up. Is there a different website? Thanks for any help!

Say Cheez
re: LEW Componentsgray8110
Nov 29, 2002 6:16 PM
I'm not sure about their componentry, but LEW is more or less out of business.. their wheel designs were purchased by Reynolds. LEW's wheels were regarded as the best carbon production wheels around.. and priced to match.
Say what, huh?JS
Nov 29, 2002 7:30 PM
Not to start a flame war but I never heard anything but complaints about Lew products, from incosistent quality and fragility to horrible customer service and warranty. The designs and ideas were good but the application wasn't.
Say what, huh?gray8110
Nov 29, 2002 9:20 PM
I could be wrong there, but I've never heard a bad word about Lew's wheels.. my interpretation of their.. undoing.. was they had a bad business model, but their product was excellent.. I know a few people who ride their wheels and speak glowingly of them. One of those tried to convince me to save up for Lew's when I bought my Zipp 303's.. That was about the same time they disappeared. Maybe I know the wrong people.. I've occasionaly heard bad words spoken about the other high-end carbon rim wheelmakers.. HED, Fir, Zipp and of course Tyler Hamilton's ADA incident, but never a bad thing about LEW's wheels. As I said though, I certainly could be wrong..
Dec 1, 2002 12:42 AM
I had recently contacted LEW about wheelset compatibility and received a message back from someone there (via their personal e-mail account) that direced me to a dealer in Arkansas who was selling the Palermo wheelset for $850. While I have heard from friends that customer service from LEW was abysmal (unanswered calls and emails and who have subsequently switched to ZIPP rims), I do agree that their products were universally viewed to be excellent. May I suggest you check out Velomax carbon wheelset: I believe they are using LEW rims (or had been on last years version) and their own ti straight spokes and hubs. It may be possibly the best of all worlds as service is supposedly excellent.
LEWLactate Junkie
Dec 2, 2002 4:34 PM
For 2003 Velomax is using Zipp 404 rims. Great rims, great wheels--big price
El Bankrupto!roleur21
Dec 3, 2002 6:46 PM
Lew had the ultimate business model...

Sell incredibly expensive boutique wheels to people who want to have stuff their friends don't, and then are afraid to admit they got snookered when their $2500 wheelset is junk...The key is to sell few enough that the word doesn't get around too quickly. Our shop sold two pair, both broke, both involved huge fights between the company and the customer (and us) and one ended in a lawsuit, which Lew was out of business long before settlement, oh well.

The rims were not that light (300-380 grams depending), the hubs were White Industries, not bad, but nothing special, and the spokes by DT made for a $2000 minimum wheelset with like $500 in parts, by my estimation, the ultimate sales package. The company that bought Reynolds bought the rights to the Lew tooling, hopefully they get it right, but Reynolds is just a name on a decal as they have nothing else to do with these wheels.

the Lew cranks which never really existed were machined chorus or DA cranks wrapped in carbon. Hopefully reynolds/macclean don't even try to bring that concept back from the dead.