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Nexus shifter compatibility(2 posts)

Nexus shifter compatibilitywilsonc
Nov 29, 2002 3:49 PM
I'm working on building a commuter bike with bullhorns and a Nexus 7-speed hub. I'd like to put a bar-end shifter on the bike, but I don't know if any 7-speed shifters are compatible with the Nexus hub.

Does anyone out there know if the cable travel is the same for Shimano (or any other brand) 7-speed derailleurs and Nexus 7-speed?
re: Nexus shifter compatibilitycurlybike
Nov 30, 2002 4:10 PM
When the Nexus came out, Shimano was putting on seminars for the shops to train them on the Nexus. I was able to go to one of them and asked that very question. The Nexus shifter is required for the Nexus, nothing else is designed to work and the increments are wrong in everything else. Sorry, I had hoped to dop something neat myself. I am not real pleased with my Nexus bike, the hub seems to be not near as efficient as a regular drive. I guess there is a lot of drag in all those suns and planetarys. They are really neat inside. You should get your dealer to get the special lube now so you will have it when it is needed.