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S710 Questions (New User)(1 post)

S710 Questions (New User)Fred2000
Nov 26, 2002 7:40 AM
Alright I have made the plunge and I am loving it. Of course now I have some questions, hopefully they aren't too basic.
1.) Can I set the mileage on the computer to match my old cyclecomputer or does it just start at Mile 0?

2.) Is it possible to plot Temperature? If so, how?

3.) At the start of every ride, I hit the red button and it starts the stopwatch. Then I have to set the display to Altitude on Top and either Time or Speed in the middle. Is there any way for this to be the default so I don't have to set it all the time?

4.) Does anyone out there used the s710 and a regular bike computer?

5.) How can I output files to plot in Excell? Exported one file but only got HR info - No time, distance, etc. info

Any answers would help. Thanks, Jon