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Colnago C40 SeatPost Issues(5 posts)

Colnago C40 SeatPost Issuespet
Nov 25, 2002 3:38 PM
Hi, I would like get advise on fixing up my C40 Seatpost, it seems to slide half a cm or more on every ride! I've never grease the seatpost, have even try degreasing the seatpost and turning the seat-collar bolt to it's MAX! The problem still persist. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. BTW, just to confirm the Diameter of the C40 Seatpost, is it 28.0mm? I'm thinking of replacing the orginal Colnago Seatpost.......or will it help?

Many Thanxx
re: Colnago C40 SeatPost Issuesseyboro
Nov 25, 2002 6:31 PM
Your post diameter should be 27.2mm. You could try a collar made by campagnolo, especially made for use with carbon posts. That would allow you to torque the seatpost binder bolt down a bit harder without risking damage to the post itself.
No, its a 28 mm postpmf1
Nov 26, 2002 5:45 AM
I'm sure of this, I own one of the bikes.

My guess is that the collar has some problem, not the post. You might want to look at how well it closes and think about replacing it before you replace the post.
Colnago C40 SeatPost 28.0thdrk1
Nov 25, 2002 8:08 PM

I have two C-40's, one B-stay and a 2000 model. All C-40's are 28.0 cm diameter. All other Colnagos are 27.2. I did not have the problem with the seatpost slipping, however I stripped the threads on the collar after adjusting my seat height one time too many. I did notice there was more resin inside the seat tube on the B-stay compared to the 2000 and the seatpost fit a little tighter. The collar I stripped I replaced with an off center Campagnolo clamp, works great and I was able to tighten the clamp a bit more.
As for finding another seatpost in the 28.0 diameter, good luck I have searched everywhere. I did get a $6 shim from LaBicicleta to run a 27.2 Dura Ace post like Mapei and Rabobank. It works great and the guys at Labicicleta were very helpful.
Your last resort would be to have more resin applied to the inside of the seat tube, which would need a real pro to do or sent back to Colnago.
Good luck
re: Colnago C40 SeatPost IssuesJohnG
Nov 26, 2002 6:36 AM
Check the length of the bolt. Some of the Colnago seat post clamps had bolts that bottomed out in the clamp. Colnago can't seem to get this one right.