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Deda 215 Bars advice: Deep Drops r 4 me?(2 posts)

Deda 215 Bars advice: Deep Drops r 4 me?Spunout
Nov 25, 2002 6:10 AM

I currently use Cinelli Nerve bars, a deep ergonomic style bar. The drops do not fit my hands, and the bars feel too short so that there isn't enough bar on the bottom for me. I actually have the sensation of missing the drops when coming off of the hoods! Not a pleasant feeling.

So, I'm considering the Deda 215 Deep. I like a horizontal position on the top of the bar, works well with ErgoPowers. This gives me a nice high climbing/recovery position. I have alot of drop to my bars, so getting low is not a problem. I figure that if I set the bar this way, the drops will angle down slightly, negating any ergo bend benefits.

My LBS doesn't stock these, and won't order for me to look at. Anyone ride these bars? I want a bar where the tops and the drops are near to parallel. I like the big Belgian-style bends.
re: Deda 215 Bars advice: Deep Drops r 4 me?DINOSAUR
Nov 25, 2002 9:03 AM
I use Deda Magic 31.7 shallow reach bars and they are set up the way you mentioned. The problem I've found is finding the right angle for the Campy Ergo brake levers. It was brought to my attention that the Deda anatomic bars are designed to be installed so the bar ends are parallel to the ground, mine are angled so the bar ends point back at the rear der. I contacted Deda regarding the position and they said bar position was a matter of rider preference.
This is probably of no help to you, but if you can't see what the bars look like I'd wouldn't order them. If you are like me you can tell what works and what won't just by looking at it. Perhaps you can shop elsewhere?