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Mavic K's clincher vs. Bontrager Race X-lite tubular(5 posts)

Mavic K's clincher vs. Bontrager Race X-lite tubularCharlesTT
Nov 24, 2002 10:18 PM
I have come across a great deal on some 2003 Bontrager Race X-lite tubular, never ridden, no tires ever mounted. My other option would be Mavic K's from

The bontragers are about half the price I can get the K's on total cycling. These would be a race only wheel set. Any suggestions? Recommendations? I have never dealt with tubulars before, nor have I ridden superlite wheels.

I guess my real concern is that I have heard that the rear wheel on the Race X-lites is flimsy on the clincher model. I will weigh between 130 and 140 lbs while I am racing. Is it the same on the tubulars model?

My final question would be what tires would I use if I got the Race X-lites. The conti sprinters look like a good deal, but I just don't know.

Any help will be great, thx.
Tragers RockBigLeadOutGuy
Nov 25, 2002 5:46 AM
Ive been using bontragers wheels for over a year now and havent had any problems whatsoever. Ive used the race lites and the raceXlites and they are by far the best wheelset ive used...I have yet to even true them and thats after hitting pothole after pothole at 30mph+ during racing....and im 6`4`` 245 pounds.
I know that the tragers are as light if not lighter than the Ks but I dont know about the strength cause i never used the Ks and i probably never will cause after all the wheelsets ive gone through the bontragers are the strongest and lightest ive used.
Tufo S3 litesAlexx
Nov 25, 2002 8:27 AM
are the tire to go with. Conti Sprinters weigh a ton (281g each when i checked!), and are far too lumpy for a $60 tire. Tufos are 215 grams, guaranteed.
Bontrager Race X-lite tubular/Continental SprinterTrekFurthur
Nov 25, 2002 10:50 AM
I use the set-up you're considering for racing; one testimonial is the Tour de Lousianne this past year. There was one section 2 miles in length of real nasty pavement (what we call Mississippi pave--chip-seal). Flats occurred left and right. Not only did I not have any problems with flats, my wheels were dead true after the race. This example is only one.

I have been very happy with this wheelset (btw, I weigh 165 during the season, so you should have no problems at your weight); in fact, I wouldn't consider them superlights at all and would think training on them regularly wouldn't be out of the picture.
2nd the Conti SprinterJimP
Nov 25, 2002 3:35 PM
I went through 3 of the Tufo S3s last year. Each of them developed a leak at the valve stem. They were light but after a couple hundred miles, they weren't straight and round any more and started to squirm which caused the problems. Also, the Tufo sealer that you put into the tire to help prevent flats may be the cause of the problem at the valvestem. I went back to the Conti Sprinter and feel that it is more responsive and gives me more confidence cornering.