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American Classic Cassette for Shimano-Campy Conversion(4 posts)

American Classic Cassette for Shimano-Campy ConversionKenny
Nov 24, 2002 2:48 PM
I am thinking of a new set of Mavic Cosmos CD wheels. Does anyone have experience using the American Classic cassette that enables a Shimano-only hub (like that on the Mavic Cosmos)to convert to Campy ten speed; reliability, shift quality, etc?

Thanks in advance.
That seams to be an expensive solution….TFerguson
Nov 25, 2002 11:46 AM
I have, and really like, a set of Cosmos (not CD), but spending $90 periodically to use a $230 wheelset seems rather expensive. When I had Campy I had a set of Rolf Vectors. They worked very well and came in a Campy version. They're no longer made (I think) and probably can be picked up at less than or near $230.

As far as your original question, I have not used an Am Classic cassette. Mavic and Wheel Manufacturing also make Shimano to Campy conversion cassettes. Both are just as expensive.

re: American Classic Cassette for Shimano-Campy Conversionseyboro
Nov 25, 2002 6:47 PM
I have used the Wheels Mfg. version for 8 months (approx. $130.-) and am very pleased. Very smooth and reliable, worth the money. I tried the AC only for a short ride and didn't feel much difference in performance.
Seems the workmanship on the Wheels is of a little higher quality, though. Those rebuilt Ultegra cogs look awfully nice...
American Classic Cassette for Shimano-Campy Conversionkoala
Nov 26, 2002 1:36 PM
I agree with Seyboro, my
wheels cassette has been perfect. Some on this board have knocked the weight but Im using it on a set of Classics Pros that are my heavy wheels to start with. The shifting has been as good as my chorus cassette.