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Would you ride tubulars on a century??(14 posts)

Would you ride tubulars on a century??gray8110
Nov 20, 2002 4:26 PM
I've got a brand new pair of tubular Zipp 303's that I want to get some good riding on before I start racing with them next year.. I've got a century I'm riding in on thanksgiving.. a good opportunity to show them off for poser value if nothing else.. but am I wishing myself a pain in the ass.. With a preglued extra tire I can be up and running in 5 minutes after a flat. Would you do it??

Have done it many timesKerry
Nov 20, 2002 4:52 PM
Of course, you might want to consider carrying two pre-glued spares to insure that you ride home under your own power. Then you face the problem of saving 150 gm on your wheels while adding 400 extra grams to your seat bag (nearly 500 grams in tires vs. 70 gm for a spare tube). Oops. Only one reason I switched to clinchers 5 seasons ago and have never looked back. Since you have minimal experience with tubulars, this would probably not the right distance for your maiden voyage.
I would not do itbobobo
Nov 20, 2002 7:03 PM
I would not do it. If you flat a tubular, even if you have a spare you certainly are not going to ride full speed after the repair on a preglued replacement which hasn't fully dried unless you like free dental work. With a clincher repair, when its fixed, it's fixed 100% and you are back up to full speed. Tubulars on a century are great if you have a support car behind you though. :-)
century on thxgiving ? where did you find that ??PeterRider
Nov 20, 2002 7:42 PM
In southern California, there seems to be sooooo few organized rides, until february... how come, the sky is blue, the sun is there and it's warm ???

century on thxgiving ? where did you find that ??gray8110
Nov 20, 2002 8:59 PM
Not really organized, definitely not supported. Just a tradition.. a couple dozen members of my club have made a tradition of riding a century every thanksgiving. It's here in southern oregon though so it's usually not a great tradition to follow.
Sure, I would.pmf1
Nov 21, 2002 5:13 AM
I've seen lots of folks ride centuries with tubulars. When you think about it, the chances of getting even one flat in 100 miles is pretty remote. I rode 8-10 centuries this year and didn't get a flat on a single one. Most of the time when I get flats it means that the tire is shot.

Besides, how can you not ride them? If I had a new pair of Zipps, I'd probably take the day off of work and be out riding them. Hell, I'd probably hang them on the ceiling over my bed so I'd see them first thing when I woke up.
What tires are you using?Alexx
Nov 21, 2002 5:25 AM
If you are riding on something robust, like a Tufo S33 special, sure, no problemo. I've done it many times before. On the other hand, if you are riding on some paper-thin racing tubie, or some cheap-shit training tire (Conti Giro, Gommitalias and/or any cheap Vittorias come to mind...) you better carry 2 spares. And a tubular repair kit, too.
quality clinchers like Vottoria Open Corsas herealtidude
Nov 21, 2002 8:19 AM
Clinchers, no preglued tires to worry about. Top notch clinchers like Vittoria open Corsas ride practically as well as tubulars.
re: Would you ride tubulars on a century??JimP
Nov 21, 2002 10:30 AM
Sure, I've ridden many centuries on tubulars. Ditto the response on riding on GOOD tubulars. I prefer the Conti Sprinters but Vittoria makes some good ones too. I haven't had good luck with the Tufos though. I do carry a couple of pre-glued (actually old used) tires. BTW, pre-glued tires can be almost as hard to pull off as normally glued tires.

For those of you who think of only carrying tubes or a patch kit for your clinchers, I have seen too many folks waiting for the sag wagon with a cut tire on centuries. You may save the weight in your underseat bag but you pay for it with the wait for a new tire.

re: Would you ride tubulars on a century??Rob Sal
Nov 21, 2002 10:50 AM
Just buy some tyre patch things to cover the hole in your cut tyre. I think its Park that make them.
re: Would you ride tubulars on a century??JimP
Nov 21, 2002 11:04 AM
A riding friend cut a tire so bad last year that it was cut from the rim to the center of the tread. The tube blew out and wrapped around the rd. I'd like to see a patch for that one. He waited for the sag wagon. He now carries a spare tire.

re: Would you ride tubulars on a century??Rob Sal
Nov 22, 2002 12:44 AM
What did he ride over to cut his tyre as much as that? Perhaps he is in need of glasses!
re: Would you ride tubulars on a century??JimP
Nov 22, 2002 7:02 AM
Glasses, well he does wear them but.... He claims that he didn't see what it was he hit but there was some glass on the road where he was. The year before, I went over some railroad tracks on that ride and destroyed a tire. Seems the edge of the track was quite sharp and I hit it wrong and cut into the tread and casing of the tire. I finished the ride and then trashed the tire. I found out later that some other folks had to wait for the sag wagon at the tracks so I guess I was lucky to have finished the ride.
re: Would you ride tubulars on a century??altidude
Nov 22, 2002 8:23 AM
Seems like if you are going to have tire problems you'll more likely be waiting for the sag waggon riding tubulars than clinchers. It's easy to carry a few spare boots and patches, but how many spare tubulars can and does one carry? Also, a complete tire shredding seems like an extreme example and a stretch to try to show that clinchers will as likely leave one waiting for the sag waggon as tubulars, I think the exact opposite is true. Even if you repair a tubular with a spare, how fast are you going to ride that new tubular?