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Whats a long lasting bullet proof tire?(5 posts)

Whats a long lasting bullet proof tire?ParticleMan
Nov 18, 2002 10:46 PM
As above...anyone with good experienced with any particular tire? I used to think Contis were durable, but heard the latest versions were'nt. Michelin makes better tires now, but still not as long lasting. I'm looking for such tires for my commuting/trainng bike. Thanks very much
Continential GatorSkins... nmMXL02
Nov 19, 2002 8:19 AM
So farburdiman
Nov 19, 2002 1:27 PM
I recently switched to Vittoria Rubino Pro tires and they have been very good. 750 miles with no flats and they seem to be wearing well. I am a clydesdale so this is saying something.
Specialized ArmadilloKerry
Nov 19, 2002 6:08 PM
These have a hell for stout reputation, though you won't hear anyone sing the praises of their ride quality. Harsh is the most often used term. Depending on how bad your flat problems are, a poorer ride quality may be a good tradeoff to sitting on the road side fixing flats. I get about 2K miles from a rear Conti GP 3000 23mm under my 180 lbs. Someone 125 lbs will get at least double that.
re: Whats a long lasting bullet proof tire?tag
Nov 20, 2002 2:18 PM
I am still riding on Gatorskins, but have had two die due to cuts in the sidewall, each after about 500 miles. The tread seems to be durable. Maybe it is the luck of the draw with respect to sidewall cuts, but I seem to be getting more that I used to. I still have two on the bike, so we will see if the cuts are just bad luck. I am putting Conti GP 3000 on the other bike. I do have the Specialized Armadillos on my old 12 speed, and they do seem to be bombproof.