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Chris King headset trouble on Colnago Flash fork???(2 posts)

Chris King headset trouble on Colnago Flash fork???Quack
Nov 18, 2002 6:16 AM
Anyone out there ever have trouble with the star nut included with the King headset slipping in the steerer of a Colnago Flash fork?? I have recessed the star-nut numerous times and it still continually slips while tightening the top cap. Before I put a spot of weld on the inside of the steerer to hold the nut in place, I figured I would see if anyone has suffered from the same problem.


re: Chris King headset trouble on Colnago Flash fork???laffeaux
Nov 18, 2002 10:57 AM
I've not had this problem with a King star nut, but I have had issues with as star nut slipping (not to say that King's are better, I've just not had the problems).

On a MTB that I have, the star nut would slip when ever I tired to tighten the headset. I reinstalled the same nut several times and it continured to slip. Finally I installed a brand new star nut and it was fine after that. I think that the arms had bent too far and would not grip. I'd buy a new nut before using a welder.