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Track Conversion (also on Fixed Gear)...(1 post)

Track Conversion (also on Fixed Gear)...TFerguson
Nov 16, 2002 4:38 PM
I'm converting a 130 mm spaced 2000 steel Bianchi Volpe to a track bike for next spring.
1 - I have the cheapest Suzue flip-flop with track threads on one side and freewheel threads on the other. If I re-space it to 130 mm, I will have to put the spacers on whichever will be the non-drive side to have the chain line up. This will mean that the other side cannot be lined up (i.e. no longer a flip-flop). Right? (aside: This Suzue is the worst rolling hub I've ever felt – normal?)

2 – I've seen a lot of posts and articles on spreading old steel frames to 130 mm, but never on cold setting one narrower. Is squeezing the spread on this bike an option? What about the new chainline?