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Campy 8 to 9 speed spacer question(6 posts)

Campy 8 to 9 speed spacer questionKurt H
Nov 16, 2002 3:39 PM
Hey folks,
I've been looking at Branford Bike's website and have a question about the Campy 8 to Campy 9 conversion spacer kit. I follow the new 13 tooth cog and the spacers for the cassette, but why the axle spacers if my current 8 speed Campy wheel was spaced 130 to start with? Is it necessary to respace the hub and re-dish the wheel? It seems like it should just be a matter of re-spacing an 8 speed cassette and adding a 9th cog. I'm currently running Campy 8 on one bike and Campy 9 on the other, so redishing the wheel every time I want to trade out the wheelsets is not going to work.

FWIW, I have a stash of Campy 8 speed cassettes in the closet, so I would really prefer to go this way (respace 8 to 9 and add a cog) instead of backing 9 down to 8 and buying new 9 speed cassettes. But if using an 8 speed wheel on a 9 speed bike is not as simple as swapping out cassettes, then I guess I'll just buy a 9 speed wheelset!

re: Campy 8 to 9 speed spacer questionDMoore
Nov 17, 2002 12:10 AM
I'm not sure you're reading Branford's information correctly. I don't think it's possible to respace 9 Campy cogs to fit an 8 speed hub - the cassette body isn't wide enough. That's why the 9 speed hub has a wider cassette body than the 8 speed did. 10 cogs can fit on a 9 speed cassette body, but 9 don't fit on an 8. There are (or were) aftermarket cassettes available that would fit 9 cogs on an 8 speed hub, but they did it by dishing the largest cog so that it ran extremely close to the spokes. I have one of them on my indoor trainer bike, just a few feet away from where I'm sitting. Just respacing the Campy cogs, though, won't work.

If you want to keep using the 8 speed Campy wheels and Campy cogs, you're limited to 8 cogs.
Check out the link to the spacer kit hereKurt H
Nov 17, 2002 6:04 AM
no problem....C-40
Nov 17, 2002 6:36 AM
The 8 speed wheel requires a longer axle spacer on the right side to accomodate the extra length of the 9 cogs, and a thinner spacer on the left side to restore the 130mm total width. After the wheel is redished (10-15 minute job), it should be as identical as you can get to your 9-speed wheel. At most, you might need to make a 1/4 turn change in the rear derailleur cable adjuster when you swap wheels.

No additional redishing is required.
So it would just be a derailleur adjustment...Kurt H
Nov 17, 2002 8:14 AM
..when I want to put the 9 speed dished 8 speed wheel (with an 8 speed cassette on it) into the 8 speed bike?? It sounds like once the wheel is dished and spaced to accomodate 9 speeds, that putting it into my 9 speed bike should be no more adjustment than the slight tweaking necessary when changing out any other 9 speed wheel.

Am I getting this right?
So it would just be a derailleur adjustment...eddie m
Nov 17, 2002 8:52 AM
I think that's right. The 8sp cassette on a 9 sp wheel would only be about .5 mm inboard from a standard 8 sp. I used the Wheels spacer kit from Branford to upgrade from 8 to 9sp and it works fine. I played with the axle spacers and in the end I only had to redish the wheel .2 mm, but there's not much clearance at the dropout. That's not enough difference to measure, but I use a truing stand with dial indicators. Actually, it's probably better to add a 1mm spacer to both sides of the axle. That way you don't need to re-dish and a 132mm wheel should work OK in 130mm dropouts.
BTW, Campy doesn't support 8sp any more, so sooner or later you will end up with all 9sp anyway. That's what happened to me when
I crashed on my 8sp rear derailler.