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aero wheelset question................(7 posts)

aero wheelset question................skippy pinfish
Nov 15, 2002 8:36 PM
I'm looking for an aero wheelset for my road bike. I plan on doing a few tri's this summer. Is the deeper the rim depth the better? Also, bladed or oval spokes. I'm looking for clincher rims, dont want tubular. a/m classic has the 420 and zipp has an aluminum 40mm depth clincher. any advise or imput would help. thanks
re: aero wheelset question................skippy pinfish
Nov 15, 2002 8:47 PM
I made a mistake on the zipp clincher mentioned in the above post. The rim is carbon with machined braking surface. It was also 58 mm depth, don't know what I was looking at before..............
404 clincher problems.JS
Nov 15, 2002 9:25 PM
I'm a big ZIPP fan, I own a set of 404 tubulars, but I wouldn't go with the clincher until I was sure they have all the problems solved with those rims. If you do a search you'll find that many people have had problems with the braking surface on that rim, I don't know if they have it solved for 2003. It seems that manufacturers are finding it tough to produce a truly aero( 50mm or deeper )clincher rim that doesn't weigh a ton and is reliable. from what I've read oval is slightly better than bladed which is slightly better than round. Actually, lately data shows that spoke shape and count is a very minor part of wheel aeroness(is that a word) when compared to rim depth and shape. If your looking for a racing wheel I'd definitley consider going tubular, if not I'd look at the Shook 420 (American classic?) or better yet a set of Mavic Cosmic Carbones, dead reliable and aero.
404 clincher problems.Carbon fiber fanatik
Nov 18, 2002 3:06 AM
I'm still stuck on my hed 3 spokes wheels. They are not the lightest at 1800 +/- but thus far, after thousands of miles, are still perfect.
re: aero wheelset question................Chen2
Nov 18, 2002 1:12 PM
I like my Cosmic Carbones, had them 5 years, only wheels on my bike 3 years. They are strong and reliable but not very light, advertized as 885g front, 1090g rear. I can consistently pick up about .5 mph at 20+ mph compared to conventional wheels on a flat course. Mine are clinchers. Rims are aluminum, 57mm deep. Brakes are conventional. I use 60mm valve stem tubes, no extenders.
Exceptional performanceKerry
Nov 18, 2002 4:46 PM
Given that repeated tests on the road (coast down hills in zero wind) and in the wind tunnel show that the very best aero wheels give 0.5 mph at 25 mph, your 0.5 mph at 20 mph is far better than any wheel on the market. The improvement is such that your wheels are as much better than the best aero wheels, as the best aero wheels are better than a standard 32 spoke, box section rim wheel. Methinks you overestimate your improvement.
Nov 19, 2002 6:41 AM
Thank you for your wisdom. I was going by what my computer says.