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Loose shifter cap(5 posts)

Loose shifter capFlyByWire
Nov 15, 2002 4:06 PM
I have Shimano Ultegra STI shifters. As a result of a crash this past summer, the cap on the right shifter is now loose - it rattles constantly and when I pull the brake lever, it swings upside down. I thought I remembered a post from a few months ago on how to repair/tighten the cap, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anybody know how to tighten the cap or can point me in the right direction?


re: Loose shifter capdaniel_2001
Nov 15, 2002 5:13 PM
Thanks!! nmFlyByWire
Nov 15, 2002 5:20 PM
Silicone caulk - a little dab will do ya (nm)Kerry
Nov 15, 2002 5:25 PM
also, you can use a little piece of rubber band...PeterRider
Nov 15, 2002 8:13 PM
... that you stuff between the lever itself and the cap. Somebody sold me earlier this year a bike that had a shifter like that, I had nothing to complain about.