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7 to 9 speed compatibility, chain etc. help please(5 posts)

7 to 9 speed compatibility, chain etc. help pleaseblm
Nov 14, 2002 12:21 PM
...and thanks in advance to those who will help me sort this out:

I have an older frame that i want to build with triple stuff. I do have the wheels, new 7 speed 14-27 freewheel and i was wondering if i could use an FSA triple road crank and if so what chain do i get for this?
re: 7 to 9 speed compatibility, chain etc. help pleaseibhim
Nov 14, 2002 3:03 PM
I just did it to mine (but kept it a double rathr than a triple) Had Campy friction shifters, and front derailer but destroyed original rear derailer replaced with Shimano years ago.

Built out wheels with Chorus hubs and Open Pros. Only required Veloce 9sp cassette ($33), Centuar 9 sp derailer (only $15 more that Veloce @ $65, and C9 chain.) Didn't have to change the front cranks or derailer

ABSOLUTE MUST - Start with a steel frame that can be stretched from original 126mm to 130mm. Use spacers to gradually expand the opening. I was lucky as mine naturally expanded over time. IF ALUMINUM FRAME - you are SOL, sell the bike as cannot be stretched.

For triple (Shimano or Campy) will need at a minimum new cassette (and hub if going from freewheel to cassette), chain, long rear derailler, front derailer, triple crank and bottom bracket. I was lucky with the friction shifting that was able to accomodate a 9sp, index shifting may not and require a new modern shift/brake controls. After you add all those up, may be cheaper for a new bike.

One word of warning. As you age (I'm 52) either you shrink or the bike grows - at any rate, the frame is too large for me now and plan to fully replace in a year when finances settle after recent layoff. I know I can always keep the wheels - with little invested, reconstruct the old 7 sp to sell, and build out a frame. Chorus and Ultegra are within $100 of each other, so I have a lot of options.
additional infoblm
Nov 14, 2002 3:47 PM
thanks ibhim.

the frame is steel and i want to use it as a 3x7 straight bar set-up since i already have most of the parts:

SIS rear derailleur
front triple derailleur
shifters(probably shimano stx-not specified on them) or even rsx triple if i want drop bars.
fsa triple crankset(9speed)

i know the RD will take a 27 but my main question is what kind of chain do i get?

the frame will not need a cold set since the set-up will be 21 speed and the spacing is ok with a 6 speed wheel.
Simple changeKerry
Nov 14, 2002 4:44 PM
You need the triple crank and longer BB. Any modern chain will work (SRAM, Campy 9, Shimano 9) because they are narrower on the outside, not much narrower on the inside. Except for maybe needing a longer cage rear derailleur to deal with chain wrap issues, you can probably get away with changing nothing else. It will depend on your specific installation (chain ring sizes, derailleur), for which you have given no information.
Aluminum KLEIN 7 to 9 speed went wellteamsloppy
Nov 16, 2002 10:51 PM
This post is more to clarify other posts about Aluminum frames than to your question and not your steel deal.

I upgraded a 1990 KELIN Performance Aluminum frame originally using Ultra 7 components to Ultegra/Durace 9 speed components this year (May 2002). It worked great!

The rear frame spacing, in reality, appeared to measure 128 mm (although 7 speed Shimano ultegra is supposedly 126). It was kinda worn, but not 2 mm. This might be a Klein specific issue: he offered Durace also back then.

I am using the the Shimano Ultegra 6500 16 spoke wheel set ( rear allegedly 130 mm, bur can't really measure it).

I changed the front chain rings to 9 speed Ultegra rings, but used the original 7 speed crank arms (a double).

I used the Durace/XTR 9 speed chain.

I used Ultegra 9 speed cassette and rear derailleur.

I used Durace 9 speed down tube shifters.

For a 7 speed KLEIN (1990 model year) the conversion to 9 speed works great. I searched for months before and wished I found at least one post yeah or nay.

I say: Yeah!