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Campy 10 Chain suck issue(7 posts)

Campy 10 Chain suck issuetincan
Nov 12, 2002 6:00 AM
I have a new Litespeed w/ full Campagnolo Centaur...I have ridden shimano ultegra over 4000 miles until this new bike.It shifts when i want it to.
Here is the problem. and see if anyone can come up with a remedy.
When shifting from the 53 to the 39 while pushing medium hard as with the start of a hill I shift and there is a long delay (like 10 sec sometimes never i look down and the front derailler doesnt move for 3 seconds or so) just doesnt move then chain goes half down on the 39 and then catches on the 53 rear side and rides up to the derailler and then pops sometimes on to the 39 sometimes completly off the ring other times it doesnt shift at all and stays on the 53 and i roll to a stop if going up a hill. I broke the first chain and have changed the chain (twice), changed the chainrings, and file burrs off of chainrings,also had the deraillers adjusted. nothing has stopped it. Today the chain forced me to stop pedaling because it bunched up.
whew...thats all the info i can give can anyone help?
Check out the Campagnolo websiteLeroy
Nov 12, 2002 7:00 AM
for the derailleur manuals. Read up on how the front derailleur should be positioned [the outside of the cage should be parallel to the crankset, and the der. should clear the big ring by about the thickness of a penny], and how to adjust the range of movement for the front derailleur so it won't throw the chain. Then try tightening the front cable with the left thumb shifter ratcheted all the way toward the inside [down] so you get zero slack. Sometimes it takes two short movements with the left lever to shift little wheel to big. But I've got real small hands and short fingers; your mileage may differ. It sounds like just an adjustment problem to me. Good luck with it.
if memory serversThirtyFive
Nov 12, 2002 2:30 PM
it is the inner plate of the front derailer that should be parallel to the chainrings not the outer
the problem is not with the manufacturerlonefrontranger
Nov 12, 2002 12:46 PM
The problems you describe are not a Campag problem, they are an adjustment problem, pure and simple. Any poorly adjusted front mech regardless of manufacture will shift like this. I have personally maintained and owned a bunch of Shimano and Campag steeds.

You should *never* encounter chainsuck on a properly configured dual ring bike, and if you do, in addition to improper adjustment, your chain is probably too long. The shifting issues are directly related to misalignment, improper limits, and/or insufficient cable tension. These are all easily remedied issues commonly encountered in any new bike which hasn't been given a full once-over by a qualified mechanic before being sent on its way.

Remember that a front mech must be adjusted in 3 axes: lateral angle (rotation), height, and limits. I admit that the Campag 10 stuff is more sensitive to adjustment error than 9 speed, however once properly set the mech will work so well as to become invisible, *and* it stays that way, something I've yet to encounter with Ultegra / 105.

I'm not a fan of the term "cable stretch". However the cable fixing bolt can and does work loose, especially on a new bike that hasn't been given a good once-over. This is why many shops have a 30-day tuneup policy. If you bought the bike locally, take it back to them and complain. If you built it up yourself, check that the cable is adequately tensioned, and (if it's a clamp-on mech) that the clamp bolt that holds it in place hasn't rattled loose. I've had this happen, and it's usually the last thing I think to check. I just keep on adjusting the stupid thing, and it keeps going "out" - never think to tighten that darn clamp bolt....
Cable friction?Kerry
Nov 12, 2002 5:44 PM
It sounds like there's possibly some hang up in your cables. Whether it's friction (lack of lube by whoever installed the system), a kinked or sharply bent housing, or possibly a cable strand coming unwound and catching some place, this friction will not be noticed when shifting from the 39 to the 53, but will prevent the down shift. Other good possibilities offered by the other posts.
Cable friction?tincan
Nov 12, 2002 6:03 PM
The cable is awfully tight. All the work i mentioned was done buy qualified Campy mechanics all 3 of them reproduced the problem when riding the bike. but their remedies did nothing to fix it. Thanks for the suggestion i'll check into it. tin can
Weak return spring in the FD. Try Chorus? Easy pedal? NMSpunout
Nov 13, 2002 5:01 AM