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Getting a new 1 1/8th headset for a 1" steerer(3 posts)

Getting a new 1 1/8th headset for a 1" steererHani
Nov 12, 2002 3:18 AM
ATM I have a 1 1/8th threaded headset and I want to get rid of it and get a threadless headset but the problem is the forks I want to put on are 1". So I want to know what would be better making my headtube smaller so I can put a new 1" headset on or getting a 1 1/8" Headset and getting a adaptor for my smaller steerer tube. Also Which companys make these adaptors? ALso do any companys make a HEadset thats 1" which will fit a 1 1/8" size headtube?
Problem SolversSpoke Wrench
Nov 12, 2002 5:31 AM
Problem Solvers is a company that makes various adapters and spacers for bicycles. They make a reducer that will allow the use of a 1" headset on your 1 1/8" head tube. The QBP part number is HD9901. I'd expect to pay about $25.00 to $30.00 for the adapters at an LBS.
Problem SolversAkirasho
Nov 12, 2002 12:52 PM
... also note that Chris King makes a devolution headset that allows you to run a 1" steerer in one of their 1 1/8" headsets... If you had a mind to replace your headset, this might be an option.

I've used both the devolution and the Problem Solver solutions with good success.

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