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Rain/Trainer tires(3 posts)

Rain/Trainer tiresandrossmazor
Nov 8, 2002 4:21 PM
It's that time of year again, and for a while I'll be spliting time between the wet roads and the trainer. Any suggestions for a good rain tire thats tough enough to deal with the trainer. Weight is no concern. Andross
re: Rain/Trainer tiresjw25
Nov 8, 2002 5:06 PM
For wet roads, I've had the best luck with natural rubber tires, just plain old carbon black tread. Conti makes a bunch - for trainer duty as well, I'd say something wire beaded, 25mm wide. Sport 1000 or Ultra 2000 come to mind.
According to their website, the Silica tires will do well, too, but keep in mind they wear down faster, and probably aren't worth the expense.
Tread pattern is up to you. If you feel safer with something treaded, go ahead, but it makes little difference. You don't go fast enough to hydroplane such a skinny tire, and make sure what you choose has a smooth center, for the trainer.
wet=veloflex, trainer=any old tire(nm)5ive
Nov 8, 2002 6:21 PM