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campy 10 speed q's(14 posts)

campy 10 speed q'ssatanas
Nov 8, 2002 1:56 AM
I'm thinking of going Campy, but wondering how long the chains can be expected to last, and if there are any alternatives. They are hideously expen$ive in Oz...

Also, has anyone used a non-campy triple crankset successfully? If so, what rings did you use, and were there any problems. (I am thinking of using my existing Ritchey Logic crank...)

re: campy 10 speed q'starwheel
Nov 8, 2002 5:27 AM
If money is at all an issue, I would not recommend Campy 10. I bought a bike with Chorus 10 because I wanted the extra gearing (13-29 cassette) without a triple. I am very pleased in that respect, as well as the overall quality and function of the group. However ... the C-10 chain leaves much to be desired. The C-10 chain will not last as long as a 8 or 9-speed chain, and shifting starts to deteriorate rapidly when the chain starts to wear out. New chains are $35 and cassettes are $80 at the "discount" stores. If you ride a lot of miles, which I do, the money for replacing chains and cassettes really starts to add up. I have spent more than $200 on chains and cassettes for my Chorus bike this year, riding about 600 miles a month. I have another bike with Ultegra 9 and the chains and cassettes last much, much longer. My brother has one of the new Dura Ace triples and he says it functions flawlessly -- much better than his previous Ultegra triple. It has the 53/39 rings found on most doubles, with a 30 "granny" ring. Most triples are 30/42/52 or something like that.
Nov 8, 2002 6:22 AM
My 10spd chains have lasted from 3000 to 4500 miles each. There are now several alternatives on the market...Wipperman for one. I've seen the Campy chains for as cheap as $29.99 in discount online stores. ONe thing I would reccommend: skip the campy link system, whichever one you get. I use a wipperman connex link and keep a spare in my saddle bag.
HD-L C10 Chain is working fine, keep it clean and lubed...Spunout
Nov 8, 2002 6:44 AM
I haven't used the older permalink chain. I put it on once, clean it on the bike. The only reason for me to ever take it off would be to throw it out.

If I'm not mistaken, reports are that the C10 chain shifts better and is quieter than the Wipperman, and lasts much longer.
C10 chains @ $30 and good for 6K miles for me........JohnG
Nov 8, 2002 6:54 AM
That doesn't seem like such a bad deal actually. I use Prolink lube.

However, I met a guy who said he wore out his C10 chains in 1K miles. ??? Maybe he was using beach sand for lube.

A couple of thoughts..DINOSAUR
Nov 8, 2002 8:45 AM
The Campy 10-speed chain was a big deciding factor for me between Dura Ace and Chorus. One suggestion I received was how often did I take my chain off for cleaning? I don't, I apply a thin coat of lube after each ride and keep the whole driveline clean and free of gunk. What I did was to wait until the chain had 3K on it and I took my bike down to my LBS and they installed a new Campy 10-speed chain while I waited. Just about all the problems you read about the Campy 10-speed chain are the need for a Campy chain tool and device for the Perma link (which has been replaced). Also if the link is not installed correctly the chain will fail. As much as I like the Campy grouppo, if I were to go triple I'd avoid the Campy triple as I was told by the owner of my LBS that the Campy triples don't work well (don't know if this is true).

The big deciding factor for me was price, as I got the Campy Chorus grouppo/Mavic Open Pros and the other goodies for the complete build (excluding pedals for $999.00 (it pays to do business with your LBS over a number of years).

Shimano makes good stuff also, consider a Ultegra triple.
I have Ultegra (double) on my old bike and it still works great after nearly 20K, just getting kind of sloppy. I prefer the Shimano brake hoods, but like the way the Campy Ergo stuff functions, so it's a toss up.

Also I do a lot of climbing and have a 12-27 on my Ultegra group and I can handle any type of grade I encounter. You can probably get by without a triple....IMHO......

I figure two chains a year for the Campy 10-speed, not too expensive, I just cut back on buying all the goodies I can do without just because they are on sale....
chain last s as long as any....C-40
Nov 8, 2002 9:08 AM
If you maintain a campy 10 chain and cogs properly, they will last as long as any other. I've experienced absolutely no reduction in chain life or cog life with the 10 speed system.

Here's the technique that I use:

If you like Prolink chainlube, try the homemade version, a mixture of 3-4 parts mineral spirits to 1 part synthetic motor oil. This mixture can be applied heavily to clean and lubricate the chain in one step. The mixture leaves only a small amount of oil behind, after the solvent dries.

I apply this lube with an old Prolink bottle, holding a paper towel folded to 8 layers thick under the chain to catch the excess. Wipe the chain with the lube-wetted towel, then follow up with a dry towel to dry the exterior of the chain. The wet/dry towel process also works to clean the cogs and chainrings. This lubing process should be done long before riding to allow time for the mineral spirits to evaporate.

I apply this lube every other ride, to keep the drivetrain exceptionally clean. I never have to remove the chain for cleaning. If you ride in dirty conditions, more frequent application might be required.
chain last s as long as any....Rusty Coggs
Nov 8, 2002 10:38 AM
Me too....seems to work well.
Nov 8, 2002 10:53 AM
Nov 8, 2002 7:02 PM
I have the chorus steel cassette and am amazed at how long it is lasting. It was expensive, but doesn't seem to wear out. I'm on my 2nd chain in 1.5 years, with 4,000 miles on the first one before it went bad. I have 4,500 on this one and it is still in good shape - has the newer joining design and also seems quieter - I don't know what the Italians changed but it works better. I've been using Pedro's syn lube road which is excellent stuff but no longer made. I'm not a clean freak but am pretty good at wiping down the drive train and relubing after a long or wet ride with thorough cleaning every 1-2 months, and much more crisp shifting.

In my opinion, expensive initial cost but relatively cheap in the long run, compared to my shimano 8 speed stuff.
what brand and grade of synthetic motor oil do you mix in?scorpionking
Nov 10, 2002 6:20 PM
what brand and grade of synthetic motor oil do you mix in?
doesn't matter...C-40
Nov 11, 2002 8:58 AM
I use mobil 1, but it doesn't matter what brand or what weight. In fact, any ordinary motor oil may do as well. I haven't tried to document any difference. It would take an entire year of riding to get enough miles to see if my chain wear was any different.
doesn't matter...scorpionking
Nov 11, 2002 6:26 PM
Do you look for a motor oil with detergent in it or avoid these and why?
re: campy 10 speed q'sbarnaby
Nov 9, 2002 4:29 PM
Also live in Oz and understand your problems re cost. Have Record, Chorus and Centaur groups and if cost is a concern generally (not just for the chain), go for the Centaur. The differences between it and Chorus (on the road) are insignificant. Could even use the savings to lash out on the Record levers maybe - a truely decadent piece of kit. As for the chain, think the Campag chain has a lot of problems, however most seem to centre round the link rather than wear. Note that Campag have a new chain for 2003, so this could be worth a look. Personally use the Connex chain because of the infinitely superior link and slightly cheaper cost. In Oz you're usually better off importing your Campag spares from the UK when it comes time to replace parts. Connex chains are now pretty easy to come by in Oz now though.