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Deda Magic OS users please read(3 posts)

Deda Magic OS users please readpeloton
Nov 5, 2002 12:38 PM
I want to know if anyone else has had this problem. I've been using a Deda Magic 31.7 handlebar/stem setup now for a short period of time. I just pulled it off to inspect it, and it's already toasted. The handlebar has an indentation in the shape of the hollow of the stem in it, and there are two fine silver lines in the anodizing of the bar where the edges of the stem were. Obviously I fear the structural integrity has been compromised, and I will not be using the setup any more.

I ALWAYS used a torque wrench when fastening the bolts to Deda's specs. It would seem that the handlebar should be able to handle this amount of torque and not cave in, especially considering the setup only saw very limited mileage. The bike was never crashed, and meticulously upkept.

I'm not real happy with the longetivity of the components here, and I'm not interested in a warranty because I wouldn't trust them even if they were replaced. Has anyone had a problem like this with this Deda product before?

Time to switch back to Cinelli I guess...
dude, warranty timebig ring ma5her
Nov 9, 2002 4:44 AM
I weigh 200lbs ish when training and 185 race weight, I race crits and sprint a whole lot, really tourque the $h!t outta ma bars. my Deda magik 31.7 bars and stem and didn't have a problem with them at all after a year of riding and a couple of races.

fill a warranty out with your LBS if you bought them their. If you bought online, well go buy new bars outta pocket, you should've shopped LBS!

dude, warranty timepeloton
Nov 9, 2002 4:21 PM
We're about the same size, and our riding styles sound similar. I was surprised how quick these bars had an issue. I may try to get them warrantied, but I won't ride them myself afterwards- may give them away for a couple of beers or something.. I would be suspect of them in the future, unfortunately.

Don't think I'll have any problem with a warranty. Got them at the shop I used to work at.

I really liked the way they rode. FWIW Just not thrilled with the longetivity.