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What's the real deal on Spinergy Xaeros(2 posts)

What's the real deal on Spinergy Xaerospeterofdevon
Nov 4, 2002 4:54 AM
I've read these are very smooth but flexy (sounds great for training). What's the story regarding the rear hub failures? Which model (year) fails? Can you easily get new hubs? Warranties on the old ones? Who has experince here. Thanks! Peter
re: What's the real deal on Spinergy Xaerosspookyload
Nov 4, 2002 4:42 PM
I have used many sets of the xaero's and xyclone's and the hub issue was with the first year hubs. More specifically it was with the freehub body. The pawls wouldn't engage some time, and has been since replaced under warranty. I had two sets of the origional wheels and they were really good about the warranty replacement.

As for training wheels, they are excellent. The hubs and bearings are very good(once you replace the freehub on the first year)and roll very smoothe. The wheels flex enough to smoothe out the bumps in the road. They do give a little in out of the saddle excursions to the point where they can rub the brakes, but very comfortable none the less.