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105 Shifter Rattle -- Please Help!(3 posts)

105 Shifter Rattle -- Please Help!MrRoss
Nov 1, 2002 6:52 PM
My Giant TCR2 left side 105 brake/shifter has been giving off a slight but a consistent vibration related rattle noise since day one. I have tried the suggestion of removing the front cap and apply silicone underneath but discovered that the source of the rattle was deep in the center of the shifter. I had undone the HB tape and took the lever off the bar and tried to take it apart, but as I removed the braker lever arm, springs and lettle parts came out and about two hours later I was lucky to put everything back in working order.

I still have the rattle in the shifter and it proved that the new shifter seems about a hundred times more complicated than the old days where braker levers were braker levers and shifters belonged on the downtube.

Anyone been through this before or can offer a fix or suggestion to this problem? TIA
re: 105 Shifter Rattle -- Please Help!Juanmoretime
Nov 2, 2002 4:33 AM
Unfortunately 105 and Ultegra rattle. I've had Ultegra and had the same issue you're having. I now ride Dura Ace and no rattle. This, I'm sure, is not what you want to hear. I'm sure I'll get a feww posters to agree and disagree as well. LoL
Do what I've done. This REALLY works.scottfree
Nov 4, 2002 6:22 AM
Buy a Brooks saddle. Install. Buy Look pedals. Install. Between the creaking of the saddle and the squeaking of the pedals, you won't hear no piss-ant shifter rattle, guaranteed.

I've often wondered if I have the infamous Ultegra shifter rattle on my modern bike. Who knows?