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Mavic Disc(2 posts)

Mavic DiscCharlesTT
Oct 31, 2002 9:27 PM
Anyone ever ridden the Mavic Comete disc? It has always looked heavy to me but 2/3 of the pro pelaton don't just use it cause they're sponsored... I may end up building a TT bike for next year and the Fir Killing System disc looks more expensive than mavic.

Also, anyone ever ridden a Peruffo frame?

re: Mavic Discstr8dum1
Nov 1, 2002 10:56 AM
all discs are basically the same weight. around 1000g, unless u get the Accelle 2 which is under 700g. Thats light enough you coudl road race on it.

but anyhow, $$ isnt look dependent. That campy disc is one of teh most expensive. If you are going to drop $$$ on a disc i'd get the accelle disc. zipp or hed are the most common. Dont see many non euro pros on the Mavic disc here in the US