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Time Millenium or Profile BRC?(4 posts)

Time Millenium or Profile BRC?Drupa
Oct 29, 2002 5:22 PM
Putting a bike together on a Jamis Comet frame and I have two carbon forks - The Profile BRC (which sold with the frame) or a new Time Millenium (which came from an unridden s-works Allez). Does anyone have an opinion about which fork would be the better choice? I'm going to use the bike for my first attempt at mini triathlon / maybe some fast group rides - nothing super serious.

ANY opinions about either fork welcome...
re: Time Millenium or Profile BRC?quadzilla1
Oct 29, 2002 6:19 PM
I've got the time Millenium on a Trek OCLV. It is the non-carbon steerer version. It has been a fantastic fork so far (about 10k miles). By far the best $$ I have spent. Very, very comfy with no flex. Can't speak for the Profile though.
BRC ExperienceAndy M-S
Oct 30, 2002 3:38 AM
I have a BRC (with a threaded CroMo steerer). I weigh 195, and have had no problems at all--it's comfortable, looks good, and feels fast. I have something like 6,000 miles on it now, and I bought it used...

I like it as well as a good steel fork (it replaced a not-so-good steel fork) and better than an alloy fork.

Since you have both forks in hand, why not try the bike both ways?
re: Time Millenium or Profile BRC?HaydnG
Nov 1, 2002 5:02 PM
I have recently retro-fitted the Time Millenium Carbon Stiff+ (this is the carbon steerer version) to my Pinarello Paris post crash damage. Quite dear in UK (£245 fitted) compared to steel steerer version (£150ish), but weighs 405g (as opposed to 600g+). Also cheaper than replacement Pinarello Aria forks (which have steel steerer but cost £340 without fitting)

I hope that the special cross-shape reinforcement that runs down the steerer ensures no chance of problems with steerer breaking.

I was recommended the fork by the dealer who says they have few problems with Time as opposed to some of the other carbon forks on the market. There is also limited choice in 1" with carbon steerer. What size do you require?

Columbus Muscle is all carbon and looks good value in UK at £175 mail order.

To be honest I have not yet riden the forks enough to really get a feel for them. But they soak up more vibration than the old Pinarello Arias and are obviously lighter.

The worry is the possility of them breaking, and on this you have to go with the reputation of the company and suggestion of a dealer who fits more forks than you or I can shake a stick at.