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stem type for carbon fork!! urgent!(5 posts)

stem type for carbon fork!! urgent!3SPRINTER
Oct 28, 2002 1:38 AM
I have a carbon fork and a thomson stem.

went to my LBS and he told me that a carbon fork should not be using th wedge type stem like Thomson 'cause it will cause pressure on the stem, causing it to break after some time. A carbon fork should use the clamp type such as ITMs and 3T forgie.

How true is this? any experiences? I need more help and vies abt this before i fork out$$$$ JUS TO CHANGE MY STEM 'cos I love my thomson stem!
re: stem type for carbon fork!! urgent!Juanmoretime
Oct 28, 2002 1:45 AM
He is telling you the truth. Most carbon fork manufacturer's recommend a two rear bolt position stem. This way the clamp evenly distribute the pressure on the carbonfiber tube. I use a Cinelli Solido on mine. I'm sure your fond of your Thompson, you could do much better weightwise.
It's partly true, but not entirely,TJeanloz
Oct 28, 2002 7:18 AM
While in general, it is a true statement that wedge-type stems are bad for carbon steerers, Thomson went to the trouble of having the major fork manufacturers approve their design. Reynolds, Look, WoundUp, and Time have all approved the Thomson stem for use with their carbon steerer.
To addTrekFurthur
Oct 28, 2002 7:50 AM
Be careful to torque the bolts evenly on each side (yes, use a torque wrench--as Reynolds recommends for this type of stem clamp).
ok...i look to the torquing thingy for now...thanks ya all...!!!3SPRINTER
Oct 28, 2002 4:14 PM