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custom handlebars?(4 posts)

custom handlebars?nonsleepingjon
Oct 25, 2002 6:44 PM
the problem: if i ride with my hands on the drops of the handlebars (even for a short period) there is so much pressure on the bottom part of my hand that i get twinges of pain up my arm. i have the "ergo" bars with the flat spot on the drops, instead of being entirely rounded through the drop.

the cause: i did a measurement of the width of my hand - it is about 4.5 inches. i measured the inside of the flat spot of the drop (from the bend where the shifters are attached to the bend where it runs parallel to the ground) where my hand rests, and it is 3 inches. this is basically forcing all the pressure on the bottom of my hand (like trying to cram your foot in to too small of a shoe) - i've tried different grips throughout the drop, but can't find a good position. my LBS suggested rotating the handlebar, but this doesn't change the basic problem of not having enough surface area for my hand to comfortably rest on. switching hand positions helps - until i go back in to the drops.

the question: does anyone know of bars with a larger flat area? or a shop that will make custom bars? or is it a matter of quit-whining-keep-riding?

thanks in advance,
what brand??C-40
Oct 26, 2002 6:15 PM
Sounds like a Deda bar. Although the top part of the bars is great, the anatomic section is small. I've got small hands and noticed this a little, but not enough to be objectionable.

ITM bars have a more rounded configuration that would be better for large hands. The top part of the ITM bar drops down, which makes it necessary to rotate the bars up a little to keep the brake levers at a decent height.

Easton bars have a straight "anatomic" section much like Deda, but it's quite a bit larger. The top of the Easton bars is also lot like the Deda.

Another solution is to try a traditionally curved bar with a deep drop. The deep drop bars will have a larger radius bend.
what brand??nonsleepingjon
Oct 26, 2002 11:11 PM
they are indeed deda bars. thanks for the advice - i will go hassle some local shops about trying out ITM and Easton bars. i've also heard that "anatomic" bars are worse than the traditional ones, so i will try those as well.

thanks again
re: custom handlebars?bsdc
Oct 27, 2002 12:06 PM
I would try a non-anatomical handlebar.