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New frame: Columbus Airplane or Altec 2+(4 posts)

New frame: Columbus Airplane or Altec 2+Eric_H
Oct 25, 2002 1:36 PM
I am going to have a new racing frame built by Marinoni. Compact design, very simple without carbon seatstays or chainstays. I might consider the Carve seatstays, but first I need to actually ride a bike with and without to see if I can feel any difference.

In terms of tubing, I am torn between having it built with Columbus Airplane or Altec 2+ tubing (Starship is out of the question). Altec 2+ seems to be a strong workhorse tubeset, but not quite as light as Airplane. With Airplane I worry about denting and such, as well as durability. I have not had great luck with Al race bikes before (Rocky Mtn Scandium, broke two), so if anything I want to err on the side of durable. I am 6' tall and 165 lbs, and I tend to ride big gears and climb out of the saddle, and most the races I do have climbs which favor power climbers (ie. steeper climbs of 1-2 km).

Can anyone tell me good or bad experiences with frames built using Columbus Airplane tubing?
re: New frame: Columbus Airplane or Altec 2+Lactate Junkie
Oct 25, 2002 2:13 PM
If you broke a scandium frame, assuming there wasn't something defective in the construction, which is always a possibility. you are likely to have even worse luck with either Airplane or Altec 2 as both of these will probably result in a weaker build than a scandium bike. If you want an aluminum bike I would suggest you look for something with a 6000 series frame like a Cannondale, Klein, Cervelo or the like and steer clear of 7000 series frames.
re: New frame: Columbus Airplane or Altec 2+Nessism
Oct 25, 2002 9:00 PM
From what I've read the Rocky Mountain Scandium frames were breaking at the non-Scandium chainstays. Not sure what this had to do with your new frame choice but just thought I'd share.

As far as what tubeset to choose, you might want to study the attached link and talk to the builder and find out which exact tubes are to be used. As one might think, thicker and larger diameter tubes will be stiffer, more durable, and heavier.

Good luck.

re: New frame: Columbus Airplane or Altec 2+Dog
Oct 25, 2002 10:55 PM
I've just had a frame built with Altec and Zonal. A simple design also, with no carbon (except the fork). The frame is stiff and almost as light as a complete Altec frame. I wanted something built to last so my mechanic suggested the Altec downtube and top tube-the rest Zonal. This the nicest frame I've ever had. Plus, it was cheaper than the other configuration. Just something to consider...