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Best aero wheels and bars? Time trialists- Akirosho? Anyone?(7 posts)

Best aero wheels and bars? Time trialists- Akirosho? Anyone?peloton
Oct 24, 2002 10:12 PM
I'm thinking about building a dedicated time trial machine this winter, and I am contemplating equipment choices. I have a pretty good idea what I want on most of the bike should I go ahead with it, but wouldn't mind some outside opinions. What do you guys like for wheels and aerobars? For the bars I am thinking of a dedicated set-up, not just clip ons. One of the integrated units like Vision or a Cinelli Angel. For wheels I'm thinking of either a deep dish aero for both, or a deep dish up front/disc rear. I'm looking for good performance/value type product, and not just the most expensive stuff I can find. Anyone have any strong opinions on either?

Any other time trial equipment that you wish you had known about earlier? Even the small details type stuff too would be appreciated.
Akirasho- sorry, typo (nm)peloton
Oct 24, 2002 10:15 PM
imhoCarbon fiber fanatik
Oct 25, 2002 1:56 AM
for wheels? I'm stuck on hed 3-spokes. Sure, there may be more expensive aero wheels, there may even be lighter, but for me? They work. I have thousands of miles on mine over not the best of roads and they are still perfect.

Bars? Another easy one. Profile Carbon-X. They fit great and look even better. As long as you like a shorter stem length, they are awesome. I thought about Cinelli Angel's, but heard too many negative things about them.

Good luck in your build-up!
Dedicated equipmentBipedZed
Oct 25, 2002 3:59 AM
I ride a 00 Cervelo P2K with a Vision Tech bar and Zipp 909 wheelset (disc rear/58mm section front). The combination of the P2K and the Vision Tech bar gets me very low and aero and is the most important aero advantage.

The 909 wheelset is expensive but very fast and light. I rode this setup to a bronze medal in the CO State TT (Cat 3). Consider the wind situation where you will be racing. During a weekly TT series I had to stop and get off my bike when 30mph - 50 mph cross winds picked up on the course. Controlling the bike with a rear disc was impossible and I was literally being blown across 2 lanes of road into oncoming traffic.

In my experience the 3 most important factors in TT results are in descending order - 1. Fitness 2. Aero position 3. Aero equipment (distant 3rd). The first 2 factors can be obtained fairly cheaply in relation to the third and are far more important. In the same 40K CO State TT, Michael Carter (ex-Motorola pro) rode a regular road bike with clip-ons and Zipp 303 type wheels to a time of 48 minutes.
Dedicated equipmentpeloton
Oct 25, 2002 11:13 AM
I would agree with you on the fitness part. Cheap, and it is still eludes most of us. I think I'm fighting genetics on that one though. The aero position and the equipment still fascinate me though. Nothing wrong with being a gear geek I guess. Look at Botero in the TDF too, he won that ITT on a standard road bike with some aero equipment.

The 909's are pretty nice looking. They should be too for the price. Scary thought on the cross wind situation.
re: Best aero wheels and bars? Time trialists- Akirosho? Anyone?bikkel
Oct 30, 2002 4:54 AM
Itm cx2 ahead set, very nice, stiff and you can get in every position you want.
re: Best aero wheels and bars? Time trialists- Akirosho? Anyone?Lactate Junkie
Oct 31, 2002 12:17 PM
Trispoke front--Hed or Nimble
Disk Read or Trispoke--Depending on wind. Also Zipp 404/909 for front is very fast.
Bars--Carbon X, but wait for the new Easton aero bar/extension combination--very trick.

Go with Profile twist shifters on the extensions.

Selle San Marco Tri saddle--tres comfortable

Frames--Cervelo P3--the only way to go. Nothing else is close

FSA has a new plate style chainring with a lenticular shape coming out. Don't think it really does much but it looks cool.

A good TT helmet will make you faster than all of the above--Try to find an old Bell Razor or Troxel if you can.

Watch out for a slew of new forks from Oval, Cervelo and Alpha Q with a whole bunch of supposedly faster features.