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RSX history lesson, please!(5 posts)

RSX history lesson, please!rohickman
Oct 24, 2002 8:34 PM
When did Shimano produce RSX components? Also, how does RSX compare on the current Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace scale?
re: RSX history lesson, please!zmarke
Oct 25, 2002 3:16 AM
I am not sure how it compares to current stuff but I remember hearing that the first year it was produced as a 7 speed group on hybrid bicylces with a 26/36/46 triple crank and then the next year as an 8 speed group on road bicycles with a 32/42/52 triple crank.

I also think it then evolved into the RX-100 road group.
re: RSX history lesson, please!pmf1
Oct 25, 2002 4:19 AM
No, RX-100 existed before RSX. I had a Cannondale R400 in 1992 with 7-speed RX-100 on it. It was basically an unpainted version of 105.

RSX showed up a few years later as a mountain geared triple 7 speed group at the time when the better Shimano groups were 8-speed. My wife (then girlfriend) bought a Specialized Allex with this group on it. It was not as high quality as the RX-100 group. It did have STI shifting.

If you're looking at the 7-speed version, I'd pass. The front rings are too damn small for road riding. You run out of gear really fast.
RSX is cheapAlexx
Oct 25, 2002 4:25 AM
It's roughly the same as Tiagra. On the scale you gave, it would be bottom-rung, just above "Shimano SIS" badged junk on K-Mart bikes.
re: RSX history lesson, please!laffeaux
Oct 25, 2002 1:28 PM
I bought a RSX bike in January 1995. It was the first year that RSX was available with SIS (not sure if RSX existed prior to this or not). I wanted a bike with SIS, but could not afford a 105 bike. When RSX was introduced I bought it.

It was 7 speeds in it's first year. The rings were standard (i.e. not compact) MTB rings. I forget the exact size 24/34/46 maybe? The previous post is correct that in the hills you run out of high gear real quick - anything remotely near 40 mph became a drift.

RSX was one step below 105, and would be equivalant to Tiagra today. However since it was 7 speeds instead of 8 (whcih was the standard of the day), it might be considered somwhere between Sora and Tiagra.

As far as the actual function goes, I switched to Ultegra directly from RSX. My inital response was, "I paid $500 for this?" Other than having more gears, a much higher top end, and a lighter bike, I could not tell a huge difference in function. However, I've riden a few Tiagra bikes and I think the drivetrain is really loud. Maybe if I switched back to RSX I'd notice the noise (Ultegra runs quiet).