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Extralite Aliens skewers...anyone ever try these puppies...?(2 posts)

Extralite Aliens skewers...anyone ever try these puppies...?Tommy B
Oct 24, 2002 1:40 PM
So in searching for a unique set of light-weight skewers, I came across these little beauties. They are the coolest looking skewers I've ever seen...and light too (only 65g!) Is that silly light or within the realm of still being safe? (I'm 135-140lbs). The materials, design and construction seen to be of high quality.

They're a bit pricey at $90 (+ shipping from Italy). Yet I'm still tempted. They would sweet on a pair of Ksyriums! Have any of you had any experience with these skewers or Extralite products in general?


re: Extralite Aliens skewers...anyone ever try these puppies...?Smoothie
Oct 26, 2002 7:51 AM

I buddy of mine rides these skewers on this mtn bike. He actually has the stem, handlebar, seatpost and skewers all from extralite. Seemed pretty good. It doesn't flex more than my salsa Ti skewers (on my mtn bike) I think at your weight the extralite skewers should be fine (I weigh 150lbs.)

You can try for US ordering. His price list is down right now but I think they were something like $80 bucks or so. Not a whole lot of saved money but you'll get them quicker than ordering from italy. Just email him (link is on the webpage) for a price and shipping quote. He's down in florida and I've done biz. with him before - tell him I sent ya! Maybe he'll buy me a beer :)

Hope that helps!