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Who can repaint a Trek OCLV??!!(2 posts)

Who can repaint a Trek OCLV??!!pp_mcgee
Oct 22, 2002 3:00 PM
I have a 99' Trek OCLV that has some scratches and needs repainting. Trek can do it, but charges 5-600 dollars. Trek actually referred me to Joe Bell painting, saying that he can do as good a job for cheaper (350). But he has a 2-3 month wait for painting. So.... Who else can paint OCLV frames? I just want a single color, no stickers, simple paint job. But I want it to be good quality and no harm to frame at all. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Joe Bell Rules!JaeP
Oct 22, 2002 5:55 PM
A single color Joe Bell paint job with no stickers is a little over $200.00. Well, that's what it cost me when I had my '99 LeMond Zurich and '92 Schwinn Pretendamount repainted (I had the Schwinn repainted twice).

My '92 Schwinn Pretendamount (made in Japan) still gets a lot of attention even though it's painted plain 'ole white. Joe Bell really does a wonderful job and he's a great guy to boot. He applied a set of "LeMond" decals for my '99 Zurich. He said he knew a guy at Trek and they were going to throw out a whole bunch of decals so he gave 'em to Joe. Even though the decals were made to be clear coated, it was still swell of Joe to offer the decals to me at no charge.

My advice, suffer being bikeless for 2-3 months. It'll be like getting a brand new bike!