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Pinarello Gavia - Does anyone use one?(3 posts)

Pinarello Gavia - Does anyone use one?zmarke
Oct 22, 2002 11:29 AM
Columbus TSX - Lugged Steel

I found one in my size which has a long TT-53.7 to ST-52 ratio which is not common in "procuction" frames.

Does anyone actually have one of these and ride it on a regular basis? (I would use it mostly for weekend club rides, 35-75 miles)

What do you think of the "steel is real" ride quality?

What is a fair price for the frameset?
Steel IS realmass_biker
Oct 22, 2002 12:26 PM
Ride quality on a good steel bike is a beautiful thing: stable, comfortable, all day comfort, yet...responsive, snappy, and equally at home in bar-banging sprints. I ride and race a (lugged) steel MasterXLight - Columbus steel throughout with the exception of the carbon fork. Whether on short hops, hammer rides, long death march slogs over and through hill and dale, it does the job. Not the lightest bike available, but built up and race ready, it comes in sub 20, so it is an able weapon as well.

Brand new high end Italian steel framesets are in the $1K+ range (depending).

Yes, in your sizeboneman
Oct 23, 2002 12:00 AM
Mine is in a finish they called black chrome. Very nice ride and handling which cannot be faulted. It's one of two TSX tubed frames I own. One thing to note about the tubing set. It's not my favorite for a frame in this size and for my weight <60kg. It's quite stiff but a bit harsh for my taste. The tubeset was supplanted by EL-OS which IMHO was a better performing tubeset, particularly for smaller sizes. Depends on your riding style. I bought my used a few years ago for $750 which was high. Somewhat understandable if you saw the finish.

GVH used to have these frames new for $750 or less but I haven't checked in the past year.

As for steel is real, I have 7 steel bikes and two Ti but time moves on and the only steel tubeset I would consider in a new bike would be Deda COM 16.5 or SAT 14.5, and Columbus Foco. My next bike will be either Al/CF or CF.