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Mavic Cosmos vs Open Pros(3 posts)

Mavic Cosmos vs Open Prostremblay
Oct 21, 2002 3:47 PM
Is there any difference between the rims on the Mavic Cosmos wheelset and plain Mavic Open Pro rims? I have been hearing a lot about the Cosmos essentially using Open Pro rims for their construction. Is there any information on these, and perhaps a comparison. I found my LBS quoted a lower price for Cosmos than they did for a set of built Open Pros, so I am just wondering.

Furthermore, are Mavic freehubs compatible with Campy 9-speed cassettes, or does one have to purchase a Mavic cassette for their wheelsets? I noticed that the literature on this is vague, and Mavic cogsets are bloody pricey in comparison to a Daytona or Veloce cassette.
re: Mavic Cosmos vs Open ProsSpunout
Oct 22, 2002 3:12 PM
The quote you have from your LBS is more expensive because you are using Campy Hubs, best in the business. The Mavics use maybe a lesser quality, probably with throw-away cartridge bearings. Long term, consider the workability, re-buildability, availability of parts/bearings/spokes.

I don't know about the freehubs. I hope someone gives some good advice!
re: Mavic Cosmos vs Open Prostremblay
Oct 22, 2002 10:16 PM
Mavic Freehubs aren't campy compatible. The cassette from Mavic would be $175 CDN, making this wheelset almost $100 more than a good chorus/open pro set from the LBS. When I get the cash (or the urge), I'm getting the open pro wheelset. I've done enough research to conclude that it's the best option next to lightweight boutique wheels.