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Ksyrium Elite or Ultegra 6500?(3 posts)

Ksyrium Elite or Ultegra 6500?anzoni
Oct 17, 2002 8:51 AM
I'm going to buy a Pinarello Marvel 54cm in a few weeks, but have not decided regarding the wheels. Bike will be equipped with Ultegra group and Deda otherwise. Weightwise Ultegra is a little lighter and a bit more aerodynamic than the Elite. Price is more or less the same. I'm doing a lot of climbing so it is really important that they work well in those conditions, and it seems a lot of people use the Elite in the mountains. Any inputs on this?
Thanks for any help!

Why not...filtersweep
Oct 17, 2002 9:46 AM
For that kind of money retail, you can find the Ksyrium SLs at about the same money for a noticeable weight savings if you buy grey market or new on ebay... or even go with the low-zoot (insert hub of choice)/Open Pro combo which can be built as light as the SLs for less than half the money (retail) and cheaper than the K Elites. I've never ridden the Ultegra wheels, but other low spoke count wheels I've had resulted in anything but stiff performance. Aerodynamically things should be a relative wash unless you go with a rim designed specifically for aerodynamics... and you will be spending big bucks if you want them light.

If this bike is already built at your LBS, you might want to see about buying it without wheels... which is what I did, since I already had a great set- saves a lot of money!
re: Ksyrium Elite or Ultegra 6500?weiwentg
Oct 17, 2002 10:38 AM
I'd get the 6500s. but since you're doing a lot of climbing, why not get a set of Am Classic 350s/Velocity Aeroheads laced to Am Classic hubs? see (Mike Garcia is a well-known wheel builder who posts a lot on MTBR).
aerodynamics doesn't matter so much in a pack. of course, you could always have Mike put bladed spokes on the wheels for a very small weight penalty.
if it's just those two wheels, I would get the 6500s because they are lighter and more aero. I bet you the Ks will be tougher, but they are definitely going to be less aero. earlier, someone posted moment of inertia and aero drag data for a set of Ks vs Mavic CXP33s built with Tune hubs / Sapim spokes. they were nearly identical.