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Campy lockrings - alloy? or stuck with steel and Ti?(7 posts)

Campy lockrings - alloy? or stuck with steel and Ti?Smoothie
Oct 15, 2002 1:20 PM
So i'm really bored and started looking for alloy lockring for my campy cassette. I know it's lame but I really have nothing better to do when i'm not riding :)

Anybody know if there is an alloy lockring available for campy? I found a bunch of shimano ones but nothing for campy. It seems like the only two options are steel or dump $30 bucks for a Ti one from campy. If it helps any I think the size is 27mm with a 35.2mm flange for 12T cassettes.

not worth it...C-40
Oct 15, 2002 1:39 PM
Mavic includes an aluminum lockring with Ksyrium wheels. The serrated surface that mates with the face of the first cog will shear off the first time it's torqued down. Mine loosened up pretty quickly. I bought a campy steel lockring to replace it. Wouldn't waste money on an aluminum model.
thanks for the heads upSmoothie
Oct 15, 2002 4:03 PM

ouch! Good to know - since I change between 2 cassettes this would really be a concern for me. I'll think I better stick with the steel one. Maybe one of these days I'll pony up enough money for a full Ti campy cassette which should included the Ti lockring.
Urgently seeking rat hole for your money?Kerry
Oct 15, 2002 4:33 PM
Just send the cash to me. Ti cogs wear fast and save only minor weight, especially on a $/gm basis. An alloy lock ring that can be torqued to 50 nm? Doesn't seem likely. Why don't you just give the money to charity - it will do more good for sure.
point taken :) (nm)Smoothie
Oct 15, 2002 6:46 PM
thanks for the heads upKen
Oct 21, 2002 5:14 PM
My all Ti cassette which I wore out after 7000k, came with a steel lock ring. But for a "measly" $320.00 or so I'm sure you can get an all Ti cassette with Ti lock ring.

Using Chorus cassette now, all Ti not worth it.
Ooo! Color mached? -nmSnowBlind
Oct 15, 2002 2:03 PM