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Is the Campy Perma-Link reuseable?(2 posts)

Is the Campy Perma-Link reuseable?DINOSAUR
Oct 14, 2002 8:08 AM
Dragged my bike down to my LBS Friday and begged and pleaded with them to stop what they are doing a replace my Campy 10-speed chain. I don't have a Campy chain or Perma- Link tool. Is the Perma Link reusable or must it be replaced with each new chain install? With the Perma-link it upped the cost to around $48.00 (ouch).
Oct 14, 2002 8:38 AM
Permalink is definately not reusable. However, it is possible to install a permalink without the expensive Campy tool. One method is to use a small coin and a regular chain tool. Put the pin in, put the coin over top and then crank down the chain tool on top of the coin until the pin pops in. Others methods include using a small C-clamp or flat-jaw vice grips. Keep in mind that Campy has bagged the permalink in favor of the HD-link which is similar in principle to the Shimano special pin. Lastly, many people just toss the Campy pins and use a Wipperman joining link. I have not tried this but I've heard it works fine