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Anyone got any thougts on MTB wheels(7 posts)

Anyone got any thougts on MTB wheelsEager Beagle
Oct 14, 2002 7:32 AM
Yeah I know this is the rbf, but it's good to have some views from more or less the same prospective.

I am looking for some strong and fairly light wheels for my XC (non disc). Anyone have any favourites?

The Mavic X-rides sort of seem to be the "K's of the MTB world" - anyone got any? Any other views?
can't go wrong with King hubs.....IAmtnbikr
Oct 14, 2002 9:06 AM
I have a set of X317's laced to King disc hubs. Awesome, never a hint of trouble. Of course they'll hear you coming from a mile away....
Oct 14, 2002 9:53 AM
Hugi 240's w/317's and DT Swiss DB spokes - superlight, quiet, and reliable. Of course this is a disc setup so substitute a set of 517 for rim a brake setup. However, if you go with a disc hub at this time you leave open the posibility of adding discs later for minimal cost. Avid cable disc setup is very economical at $79 per unit at Price Point right now - you use your exisiting levers. Once you go disc you'll *never* go back. Another possibility is to use the new Mavic tubeless rim (X3.1?) that can be laced with normal spokes and hubs. Personally I think you really want to avoid the trick Mavic Crossmax style wheels with the flat bladed spokes *unless* someone else is buying them for you. In my experience it's way to easy to trash MTB wheels and anything with rim brakes doesn't last that long anyway.
Ditto Hugi 240 w/ 317 but.......Mudman
Oct 15, 2002 4:44 AM
Price Point has the Haynes Superlight hubs (Hugi 240) for $149 pr. Great deal.
Oct 16, 2002 5:09 PM
Get the whole shootin' match built up via QBP
re: Anyone got any thougts on MTB wheelsEricBH
Oct 14, 2002 10:27 AM
I have two sets of Mavic X-max, a disc version and non-disc, both tubeless. I have had to true the non-disc ones (my hardtail) quite a bit. They are also kind of a pain to true due to the bladed spokes. I have also had pawl issues with the hubs.

I have a set of Chris King single speed hubs on Mavic 517 CD rims with 15/17 spokes front and 14/15 rear. These are my favorite MTB wheels and have been very durable. King hubs are reliable and I can rebuild the wheels as required. They seem lighter than my X-max's. This could be do to the tubeless tires making them feel a bit more sluggish.

Bottom line is I vote for the CK's. You can get these cheaper than X-max (CK's on 517 CD, $520 at Colorado Cyclist) and just as light. If you want tubeless you can get them built on the 317 UST rim now.
Thanks everyone. I think it's gonnaEager Beagle
Oct 15, 2002 12:39 AM
not be the XMs then, but a build. Will have a look at the UK prices and see what's viable from the list supplied.

Discs are a total non-starter, as I don't even have disc forks.

The bike is an 8 year old Grisley Mega I got for the frame, and have upgraded - I got the RST folks on close out about 3 years ago - nice ride, but cheap as they are non - disc I guess. Have just upgraded to Deore 9 all round, and want to get rid of the boat anchor downhill rear I put on there when I was commuting on it in London on terrible roads.

Discs are not that much of an issue for me - I only really ride it XC with pals - everything else I do on the Jake - I upgraded from cantis to Vs, and they do the job fine.

Interestingly, even though I have had it that time, and have worn out an entire original STX drive chain, the front wheel, which is a cheapey looking non eyeleted Vuelta is still going strong, and has never even been trued! This is the 3rd rear though - that's what you get for being 210 ibs I guess :-)

BTW - this is what happens when you have all your road bikes totally sorted.